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Hearthstone: Wardruid Loti Guide - How to defeat Loti, tips, Prize Fighters and Shrines

Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's latest slice of single player content.

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Our Wardruid Loti guide explains how to defeat Loti, with tips, Shrines and Prize Fighter details to help you beat the Rumble Run boss.

Now that Rumble Run is live is Hearthstone you can take part in a brand new roguelike adventure for the game. If you played much of Monster Hunt or Dungeon Run in previous expansions, you'll know exactly what to expect here.

If you're new to this kind of experience though, let us give you a quick overview of what to expect:

  • At the start of each Rumble Run attempt you'll have to choose one of three Shrines, which together represent three of the nine teams taking part in Rumble Run.
  • Each team actually has three Shrines, but you'll only get access to one of them when you start.
  • Once you've picked a side, you'll need to face off against eight different bosses who represent the leaders of each team. You don't face the ninth boss, as you're representing them!
  • As you work your way through the Rumble Run you'll be able to add new minions and spells to your initially small deck.

One of these bosses goes by the name of Wardruid Loti. In this article you'll find everything we currently know about the encounter, with lots of strategy tips to help you defeat the Druid champion with barely any effort required.

Head back to our core Rumble Run guide for more help with the latest single-player content.

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Wardruid Loti Shrines

Here are all three of Wardruid Loti's Shrines. He'll start with a randomly chosen Shrine when your encounter with him begins:

  • Bonds of Balance: At the end of each turn, gain Attack equal to your hero's Attack
  • Gonk's Armament: Whenever you gain Armor, refresh your Mana Crystals
  • Gonk's Mark: After you summon a minion, give it +1 / +1

Wardruid Loti Cards

A number of cards have been leaked on Reddit ahead of the Rumble Run launch, and so you can expect Loti to make use of at least the following cards (expect more to be added here in time).

  • Astral Raptor - Rush - Overkill: Summon another Astral Raptor
  • Direhorn Stomper - Rush - Overkill: Summon a minion from your deck with the highest Attack
  • Succoring Skyscreamer - Whenever you gain Armor, draw a card. It costs (2) less
  • The Fan Favorite - Overkill: Give your hero +10 Attack this turn
  • Water Spirit - Start of Game: Draw this. Deathrattle: Gain 2 Mana Crystals
  • Zandalari Striker - After your hero attacks, give your minions +2 Attack

Wardrui Loti Tips and Strategy Advice

Once Rumble Run goes live we'll be busy adding in tips and strategy advice for handling all bosses, including Loti.

Bonds of Balance:

  • This Shrine aims to make use of the hero Attack power cards that were added in the latest set to create a single powerful minion, though will generally fail because those cards aren’t that great at all.
  • The important wording to remember with this Shrine is that it will gain the Attack at the end of the turn, so it won’t be much of a threat until your opponent’s next turn.
  • It’s worth killing off when you can, however, as it’ll have very little Attack power most of the time and every time you do take it down that Attack value resets.
  • The bad Hearthstone A.I. comes into play against this Shrine too. You’ll find Loti uses cards such as Savage Striker when she has zero Attack power on her hero, completely wasting what is already a poor card.
  • There is some potential danger in this deck as it reaches the late game with cards such as The Fan Favourite, though you should have already won the game by this point.

Gonk's Armament:

  • For the most part, this Shrine is completely useless and only finds some potential power in the late game.
  • With that in mind, it makes the most sense to try and rush down Loti as quickly as you can when she’s using this Shrine.
  • If the game runs into the later turns, Ultimate Infestation can be a devastating card to come up against and will likely wipe you out of the game.
  • Succoring Skyscreamer can also be a troublesome minion with the discount it gives to cards when you gain Armor. Take that out when you see it enter play.

Gonk's Mark:

  • This is easily the most threatening of the Shrine choices available to Wardruid Loti.
  • Thankfully it only has three Health, so it’s quite easy to keep off the board for the majority of the game.
  • As you would expect, Loti runs a lot of token summoning cards when wielding this Shrine. If it’s active when she plays them you can be facing some seriously overwhelming boards. Keep your area of effect clears close by in case you need them.
  • Fight for board control in the early game. Once you have the initiative it’ll be difficult for her to establish a strong enough board to contest you, especially if the Shrine is down.
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