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Hearthstone: Princess Talanji Guide - How to defeat Talanji, tips, Prize Fighters and Shrines

Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's latest slice of single player content.

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Our Princess Talanji guide explains how to defeat Talanji, with tips, Shrines and Prize Fighter details to help you beat the Rumble Run boss.

In Rumble Run, you’ll be diving into an arena in an attempt to dethrone some fierce Troll warriors. If you’re familiar with Dungeon Run or Monster Hunt from previous expansions, then you’ll feel at home with this next take on the established roguelike format.

If you’re new to dungeon content in Hearthstone, then we’ve put together a quick overview of what you can expect from Rumble Run when it launches:

  • When you kick off each Rumble Run, you’ll need to choose between one of three Shrines, which each represent three of the nine teams in the mode.
  • Each team has three Shrines, but you’ll only be able to pick one at the start of your run.
  • Once you’ve picked a team, you’ll progress through eight increasingly difficult bosses, each with unique Shrines and abilities.
  • Work your way through Rumble Run and you’ll begin filling out your deck with Passive Treasures and new minions. Bosses in the latter stages are notoriously difficult, so it’s essential that you build your deck wisely.

Princess Talanji is one of the bosses you’ll go up against, and in this article you’ll find everything we currently know about this encounter, as well as some tips and tricks to give you the best shot against the Priest fighter.

Do make sure you to head back to our core Rumble Run guide for more help with this new single-player adventure.

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Princess Talanji Shrines

Below we’ve listed all of Princess Talanji’s Shrines. She’ll have a randomly chosen Shrine when your encounter begins:

  • Bwonsamdi's Covenant: Healing enemies damages them instead
  • Bwonsamdi's Sanctum: Your Deathrattles trigger two additional times
  • Bwonsamdi's Tome: After you cast a spell, add a random Priest spell to your hand

Princess Talanji Cards

A few cards have leaked on Reddit ahead of the Rumble Run launch, so you can expect Talanji to make use of at least the following cards. We’ll be adding in more detail once it has launched.

  • Bloodwash Medic: Rush. Overkill: Add 3 healing spells to your hand
  • Bwonsamdi's Keeper: Restore all minions to full Health
  • Conjuring Attendant: Your spells cost (2) less
  • Ghastcoiler: Deathrattle: Summon 2 random Deathrattle minions
  • Soulsapper: Deathrattle: Steal 2 spells from your opponent's deck
  • Weaponized Zombie: Start of Game: Draw this. Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion +1 / +1

Princess Talanji Tips and Strategy Advice

Knowing these tips and tricks you should be able to dispatch Princess Talanji with ease when you come across her and any of her Shrines in the Rumble Run:

Bwonsamdi's Covenant:

  • With this Shrine, Talanji goes full Shadow Priest so be aware that any healing effects she plays will actually deal damage to you while the Shrine is active.
  • It’s a tough Shrine to take out but absolutely worth steadily knocking down over a few turns as a lot of her power is reduced when the damage effect is taken out of play.
  • It can be very hard to make your minions stick during the early stages as all the healing effects on her minions can be used to kill them. Make sure you have some damage spells so you don’t fall too far behind on the board.
  • Her deck doesn’t run any strict hard removal but watch out for a Hozen Healer on Turn 4 if her Shrine is still active. If it is, that full heal will actually work as a full death and kill a minion outright.
  • Some of your early wide boards may also fall very easily if Talanji has a Circle of Healing in her hand and she plays it while the Shrine is live.
  • While the Shrine is up you shouldn’t need to worry too much if she decides to put a Northshire Cleric onto the board. The A.I. will often be too focused on dealing damage to your or your minions that the draw effect won’t come into play.

Bwonsamdi's Sanctum:

  • This Shrine isn’t too much of a problem and is one you can easily ignore for most of the game to go for face damage instead.
  • When Talanji has placed a significant number of Deathrattle minions onto the board that’s when it may be worth killing off the Shrine. It only has three Health so shouldn’t be too much of a problem to kill in a pinch.
  • Like some other boss encounters, you can take advantage of some dumb plays from the A.I. to give yourself a lead. She’ll often play Test Subject onto an empty board without applying any effects to it, which is basically like just throwing away a card for zero value.

Bwonsamdi's Tome:

  • This is a Shrine that can seriously spiral out of control if you don’t take it out fast enough in the early game.
  • Talanji will be running a lot of cheap spells such as Power Word: Shield if this is her Shrine so expect her to get a few extra cards early as you try to whittle it down.
  • Radiant Elemental is a minion you’ll want to take out immediately when Talanji plays it on the board. If she’s allowed to get multiple copies of it down uncontested then she can cycle through multiple cheap or free spells to create some near-infinite value.
  • A board control game is definitely wise in general against this Shrine anyway. With buff cards such as Extra Arms some of her minions can quickly bulk up to be huge threats.
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