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Hearthstone: Zul'jin Guide - How to defeat Zul'jin, tips, Prize Fighters and Shrines

Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's latest slice of single player content.

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Our Zul'jin guide explains how to defeat Rumble Run's Zul'jin, with tips, Shrines and Prize Fighter details to help you beat the boss.

A new single-player adventure is now live in Hearthstone. and when In Rumble Run you’re challenged to face down a total of eight intimidating bosses in order to claim glory for your chosen team.

It works in much the same way as the roguelike Monster Hunt and Dungeon Run updates that have appeared in Hearthstone over the last 12 months or so.

When you begin a run, you'll first of all have to pledge an allegiance to one of three teams by choosing one of their Shrines. This Shrine will always be with you at the start of each encounter, and will provide a powerful benefit.

As you progress through Rumble Run you'll be able to add new minions and spells based on the bosses you've beaten so far.

One of the bosses you might have to beat is called Zul'jin, who effectively represents Hearthstone's Hunter class. In this guide we've outlined everything we know about beating this boss and provided you with some extra tips to defeat him with ease.

Head back to our core Rumble Run guide for more help with the latest single-player content.

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Zul'jin Shrines

Zul'jin has three Shrines to mess around with in the Rumble Run encounter, and he'll start the match with a randomly chosen one.

  • Halazzi's Guise: Whenever you summon a Beast it gains Rush, Taunt or Poisonous
  • Halazzi's Hunt: Your minions have Overkill: Cards in your hand cost (1) less
  • Halazzi's Trap: After you cast a spell, put a random Hunter Secret into the battlefield

Zul'jin Cards

Zul'jin has a collection of extremely powerful minions to play with, and there'll be opportunities to acquire some of them during your run. Here's what you can expect to face down in the Zul'jin fight:

  • Battlestarved Lynx: Battlecry: Draw Beasts until your hand is full
  • Rabid Saurolisk: Poisonous. Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to all enemies
  • Shadowmaw Panther: Your Beasts have Rush. Start of Game: Draw this
  • Slamma Jamma: Battlecry: Double the Attack of all your other minions
  • Streetsmuggler: After a friendly Secret is revealed, put a random Hunter Secret into the battlefield
  • Troll Harbinger: Taunt. After a minion dies, add a random Hunter spell to your hand

Zul'jin Tips and Strategy Advice

Zul’jin has a number of interesting Shrine options. Here are some tips and tricks on how to best them all:

Halazzi's Guise:

  • This is a fun Shrine to play with but much less fun to play against. The random effects it grants can seriously mess with your game plan, so hope that RNG falls on your side.
  • Of the three effects the Shrine can bestow, Taunt is definitely the one to worry about the least, then Rush, then Poisonous. If Zul’jin gets lucky and hits a lot of Poisonous buffs you could run out of minions very quickly.
  • Because of that, it’s usually best to take out the Shrine whenever possible.
  • Be especially careful of going wide on the board when the Shrine is active or about to resurrect. You could run into Unleash the Hounds, which can be devastating depending on the buffs the Shrine grants.
  • Troll Harbinger is an extremely powerful minion in this deck. Remember, the effect applies when any minion dies, including your own, so try to find the most efficient way of clearing it off to prevent Zul’jin from getting too many spells.

Halazzi's Hunt:

  • This is the least threatening of the Shrines available to Zul’jin, though it can escalate if you leave it untouched on the board.
  • In the early game, there are much fewer opportunities for Zul’jin to trigger the Overkill effect so in the earlier rounds you are better off trying to rush him down and ignore the Shrine.
  • In the later rounds, spend the early turns establishing a board that can take down the Shrine. Then play a standard control game to ensure Zul’jin’s minions are clear of the board for when the Shrine resurrects.
  • The deck does run a number of Rush minions that you likely won’t be able to prepare for though unless you know the turn they will be played. Muck Hunter, for example, can come down on Turn 5, so it’s one to anticipate.
  • You’ll also want to ensure the board is as clear as possible before Turn 5 because of Slamma Jamma. The minion doubles the Attack of all creatures under Zul’jin’s control and will make triggering that Overkill effect much easier.

Halazzi's Trap:

  • Here’s another Shrine that can be good fun to play with but a nightmare when you’re up against it.
  • The silly Hearthstone A.I. can actually work in the favour of this deck as it’ll likely ping off a lot of cheap spells for minimal effect, but the bonus Secret Zul’jin gets for free can negate their unorthodox play.
  • Your approach to this game should be with extreme caution. Prepare for each Secret as much as you can, though know with the randomness you can be screwed over without really having a chance to do anything useful.
  • If Zul’jin has Eaglehorn Bow equipped with a pile of Secrets ready to go off, it’s usually worth waiting until he’s spent all the charges before triggering any if possible.
  • Streetsmuggler is one of the more irritating minions to come up against with this Shrine as it can put a near-infinite loop of new Secrets into play as other ones trigger.
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