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Hearthstone: High Priestess Jeklik Guide - How to defeat Jeklik, tips, Prize Fighters and Shrines

Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's latest slice of single player content.

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Our High Priestess Jeklik guide explains how to defeat Jeklik, with tips, Shrines and Prize Fighter details to help you beat the Rumble Run boss.

Hearthstone’s Rumble Run mode is now live, and with it, we have a brand new roguelike adventure to jump into. If you’ve ever played Monster Hunt or Dungeon Run in the past, then you’ll be instantly at ease with what’s on offer here.

To sum it up briefly, Rumble Run's essentially a single elimination dungeon run where you’ll be facing off against eight increasingly difficult bosses. At the start of each run you’ll choose between one of three Shrines, and along the way you’ll be able to empower your deck with minions and Passive Treasures which complement it.

One of the bosses you’ll face throughout the run is High Priestess Jeklik, and in this article you’ll find everything you could possibly want to know about this encounter. Further down we also have a bunch of strategy advice so that when you do come face to face with the Warlock you’ll know exactly how to handle her.

Do make sure to bookmark our core Rumble Run guide for more help with the new single-player content.

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High Priestess Jeklik Shrines

Here’s an overview of High Priestess Jeklik’s Shrines. She’s have one randomly assigned Shrine per run.

  • Blood Pact: Your spells cost Health instead of Mana
  • Dark Reliquary: Whenever you discard a card, summon a random Demon
  • Hir'eek's Hunger: Whenever your hero takes damage on your turn, the enemy hero takes it instead

High Priestess Jeklik Cards

A number of Jeklik’s cards have been leaked via Reddit ahead of launch day. Here’s a look at a few she’ll be using (expect more to be added once it goes live):

  • Blood Portal: Whenever your hero takes damage, add a random Warlock spell to your hand
  • Dark Diviner: Fill your hand with random spells
  • Leering Bat: Your hero is Immune on your turn. Start of Game: Draw this
  • Ravenous Familiar: Rush. Overkill: Discard your lowest Cost card and draw a card
  • Vile Necrodoctor: Lifesteal. Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to all enemy minions
  • Warp Stalker: Stealth. You can use your hero power any number of times

High Priestess Jeklik Tips and Strategy Advice

Here are some words of advice when you're up against any of the three Shrines available to High Priestess Jeklik.

Blood Pact:

  • If you manage to face High Priestess Jeklik with this Shrine in the early rounds then it will be a ridiculously easy game. In fact, due to the way the game’s A.I. works, they might end up accidentally killing themselves by casting expensive spells that will take off huge chunks of their Health.
  • With that in mind, consider ignoring the Shrine in the early few rounds. It can be a pain to kill at 10 Health, so send that damage to her life total instead and finish her off quickly.
  • Face her with this Shrine in the later rounds when she has a larger pool of Health and you might run into more problems. Consider taking out the Shrine now, reducing a lot of her casting power and allowing you to stretch out into the lead.
  • She can make big tempo plays with cards like Bane of Doom and pull a powerful Demon from the pile that will trounce you in the early game. At times like that, you may have to just accept your loss and move on to the next run.
  • A lot of her other cards have strong Demon synergy. Try to keep them clear of the board so she can’t exploit cards such as Demonwrath or Ectomancy.
  • If you get her health low enough it’s often wise to ignore the Shrine and go straight for her Health. If she decides to cast any spells at this point she risks killing herself.

Dark Reliquary:

  • There’s a large dose of RNG you have to accept against this Shrine as a single Discard effect can completely take you out of the game if she pulls a big Demon like Lord Jaraxxus or Mal’Ganis. These instances are fairly rare, at least.
  • With those possibilities in mind, though, your best option is to kill this Shrine as soon as possible – and whenever it comes back onto the board too. At only four Health that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
  • If you let the Shrine stay alive you risk running into a Deathwing by Turn 10, which is almost guaranteed to win the game for High Priestess Jeklik.
  • When the Shrine is dead, see if you can take advantage of the negative side of her many Discard effects. There’s a risk you’ll hit something like Silverware Golem, but you can still run multiple weak minions into a Howlfiend to try to burn through all her resources.
  • If you’ve already taken out the Shrine try to push for damage or keep her other minions in check. It’s often wise to play the control game in this matchup rather than racing her down as just one random Demon can completely turn the game in her favour.

Hir'eek's Hunger:

  • This Shrine can cause a few issues but is definitely the weakest of the three available to High Priestess Jeklik.
  • If you face Hir'eek's Hunger in the early rounds it’s usually best to try and take it out as quickly as possible. While your Health is quite low, being hit with all her self-damage effects too can wipe you out quicker than you may think.
  • In fairness, it’s usually worth focusing the Shrine down whenever possible. The A.I. will continue to play the same cards whether it’s up on not and that extra damage being dealt to her can bring you closer to the win more quickly.
  • When the Shrine is down, see if you can abuse some of her self-damaging card effects to sneak in some free damage. Run minions into Wrathguard so the damage is also dealt to her life total. You can also consider leaving Unlicensed Apothecary on the board so she damages herself with each other minion played.
  • The deck runs a good dose of Lifesteal so if you have a plan to rush High Priestess Jeklik down it might not go your way. Focus on controlling the board and be cautious of over-extending into board clears from cards such as Vile Necrodoctor, Hellfire and Abyssal Enforcer.
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