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Dragonbane Face Hunter deck list guide - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone (April 2020)

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Our Dragonbane Face Hunter deck list guide features the best list for Season 73 of Hearthstone (April 2020). You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos. We will continue to update so our Dragonbane Face Hunter deck list is the best it can be.

Hunter has always been a class that excels in combining its resources and Hero Power to play aggressively. With the cards revealed in Descent of Dragons, we’ve been given a lot more aggressive Hunter cards. Here’s our theorycraft of an early aggro Hunter deck to try, featuring the brand new Legendary minion Dragonbane.

You’re looking to use your Hero Power as much as you can, thanks to all the new Hero Power synergy this deck provides. We’ve added a Secret package too, since it offers a significant amount of coverage for aggressive decks’ weaknesses as well as the new minion Phase Stalker being a hugely impactful synergistic play.

Face Hunter Deck List

We've got a deck list for a Face Hunter list without Dragonbane included too, if you're feeling it. You're looking to deal huge hits to your enemy with direct damage thanks to your Hero Power, and use the interesting option of Spellzerker to buff your Arcane Shots and Rapid Fires, but remember you'll need to damage it first. This version of the deck is hyper-aggressive, with the highest cost card being Lifedrinker at 4 mana.

2 x Rapid Fire2 x Leper Gnome
2 x Dwarven Sharpshooter2 x Kobold Sandtrooper
2 x Toxic Reinforcements1 x Teron Gorefiend
2 x Arcane Shot
2 x Pack Tactics
2 x Scavenger's Ingenuity
2 x Phase Stalker
2 x Explosive Trap
1 x Unleash the Hounds
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Mok'Nathal Lion

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAR8C2wnUugMOqAK1A8kEkgXtBv4M7JYD86cD+68D/K8DhbADpLkD9roD/7oDAA==

Dragonbane Face Hunter deck list and strategy

Here’s the Dragonbane Face Hunter deck we’re using for the start of Descent of Dragons. Keep an eye out for updates once the meta settles a bit!

2 x Dwarven Sharpshooter2 x Sunreaver Spy
2 x Toxic Reinforcements1 x Masked Contender
1 x Explosive Trap1 x Subject 9
2 x Freezing Trap
2 x Phase Stalker
1 x Pressure Plate
1 x Rat Trap
2 x Snake Trap
1 x Snipe
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Deadly Shot
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
1 x Dragonbane
2 x Hyena Alpha
1 x Zul'jin

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAR8IhwTJBK4GmPACp4IDm4UD9YkDn6UDC54BqAK1A8cDxQj+DO/xAvmWA76YA+WkA6KlAwA=

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General strategy

This build of aggro Hunter is unique in that it focuses on the use of your Hero Power, rather than exclusively on the tempo generated from your early cards. The cards you play are aiming to maximise the utility of your 2 damage Hero Power, dealing as much to face as quickly as possible before your opponent can respond.

Early Game: Your two 1-mana plays are decent options here. Dwarven Sharpshooter is well-statted at 1/3, and offers you the chance to control the board on turn 2 by targeting enemy minions with your Hero Power. Toxic Reinforcements, the new Sidequest card, rewards you for weaving your Hero Power into turns, so getting it out early means you’re not letting it go to waste.

From here, you’re looking to play out your mana curve, with things like Phase Stalker rewarding you further for using your Hero Power, or just putting a solid Secret onto the battlefield. A Sunreaver Spy is best played when you’ve got a Secret in play, but if necessary it’s often okay to just play it out on curve, depending on the situation in your hand.

Mid Game: The more Secrets and Hero Powers the better. Eaglehorn Bow can go face, and if your Secrets keep triggering, the enemy will be recharging your bow as well as struggling to clear your board. Phase Stalker can be played alongside your Hero Power for 4 mana, and if it sticks on the board the value is enormous. Dragonbane can be played for 4 mana too, and it works on two levels - your Hero Power deals 2 to the enemy face before Dragonbane either clears a minion or chucks an extra 5 to their Hero.

There are a few different Secrets in this deck, so your opponent will often not know what they’re up against. Freezing Trap should scare them into not attacking your minions, and punishes them when they do. Snake Trap gives you a few extra minions to trade and hit face with, and the token minions can be beefed up with Leokk from Animal Companion. Your opponent will be kept guessing, and will hopefully do something silly like misplay into a Rat Trap, giving you a free 6/6.

Late Game: At this point, you should be in a commanding position. Subject 9 can refill your hand if you’re desperate, and Zul'jin is a great closing move, replaying all your Secrets and stalling the opponent until you can find that final blow. Of course, Kill Command is an easy 5 damage to face as long as you’ve got a Beast on board, so make sure you’re always calculating the damage available to you in order to find lethal.

Dragonbane Face Hunter Mulligan Guide

Below is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Dragonbane Face Hunter.

1. Dwarven Sharpshooter has great stats for a 1-drop, and offers you some utility in the following turns, with the option to clear enemy minions off the board with your Hero Power.

2. Phase Stalker is a 2 mana 2/3, so it’s often able to survive a turn if played. After this, you can start thinning out your deck by using your Hero Power, tossing a Secret in play each time for good measure.

3. Keep the pressure up with Animal Companion - the quintessential 3 mana play for Hunter and one that’ll force your opponent to react, hopefully into one of your Secrets.

Dragonbane Face Hunter tips, combos and synergies

Below are some tips for how to best play Dragonbane Face Hunter in the upcoming Descent of Dragons meta:

- Dragonbane isn’t guaranteed to hit the target you want, but on an empty board you’ll be dealing 7 damage to face every time.

- Deadly Shot is a great way to remove large enemy Taunt minions, allowing your board to hit them in the face.

- Phase Stalker, when you use your Hero Power, places a Secret from your deck into play. This means the Secret is gone, and makes it more likely for you to topdeck a more impactful card.

- Remember, Eaglehorn Bow gains +1 Durability whenever one of your Secrets is triggered, not when they’re played. You’ll need to wait for your opponent to take the bait before you get that extra swing.

- Subject 9 has pretty bad stats, but it can dig through your deck to get the remaining Secrets out, especially if you’re looking for bigger cards like Zul'jin.

- Masked Contender offers a free Secret along with a 2/4 minion, but remember you need to have a Secret already in play.

- Hyena Alpha is a massive card for this deck, giving you Beast synergies with Kill Command as well as 7/7 worth of stats for 4 mana. Just remember to have a Secret in play for the Battlecry to trigger - the outline of the card will be highlighted in yellow if this is the case.

- Toxic Reinforcements is a good ‘fire and forget’ card to have. For 1 mana, it’s good to summon 3 Leper Gnomes, which deal an extra 2 damage to face when they die, as well as being annoying board presences for your opponent to deal with. There’s an inevitability about them - you’re guaranteeing 12 damage to face when you play the Sidequest, it’s just a bit delayed.

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