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Resurrect Priest deck list guide - Saviors of Uldum - Hearthstone (October 2019)

The all-new Resurrect Priest is in the meta after Doom in the Tomb - here's our guide on completely stifling your opponents.

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Our Resurrect Priest deck list guide features the best deck list for Season 67 of Hearthstone (October 2019), the beginning of Saviors of Uldum. You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos, but we will continue to add more over time.

In light of recent events:

Considering recent controversies related to Blizzard and Hearthstone, we at Metabomb would like to make our position clear. We support the protesters in Hong Kong and are appalled by the decision of Blizzard to punish Blitzchung for speaking out. Many fans are boycotting the company and game because of this decision, and we agree that this is a justified action. For those of you continuing to play, we’ll keep updating our deck guides, and will be keeping an extra close eye on our budget decks page to help those of you switching to free-to-play.

With the reintroduction of a bunch of cards from Wild format into Standard, a lot of decks have come back into the limelight. Chief amongst these is the Resurrect form of Priest, which probably gained the most out of every archetype in the meta.

This deck is a weird one, and pretty tough to pilot. Depending on the matchup, you’ll play the game very differently. Against aggro, you just need to survive the initial onslaught, whereas when playing a control opponent, especially a mirror match, you want to save as much value as humanly possible.

Of course, the main thrust of this deck relies on you bringing back your minions from the dead, much in the same vein as Big Priest, Wild format’s most hated deck. You do very well against decks that try to play fair and beat you with minion combat, but struggle heavily when facing off against combo decks, as you’ll be repeatedly stifled and get less value from Deathrattles than you need.

We’ll be updating this deck if it changes throughout the meta, but here’s the most popular version at the moment.

Resurrect Priest deck list and strategy

Here is the version of Resurrect Priest we’re going for since Doom in the Tomb added the Wild cards back into Standard. Expect further refinements as the meta shifts, but you should feel pretty good about this deck for the moment, especially if you find yourself facing a lot of Shaman.

2 x Forbidden Words1 x Archmage Vargoth
2 x Penance1 x Zilliax
2 x Shadow Word: Pain1 x Emperor Thaurissan
2 x Shadow Word: Death2 x Khartut Defender
2 x Psychopomp1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
2 x Convincing Infiltrator1 x Ragnaros the Firelord
2 x Mass Hysteria1 x N'Zoth, the Corruptor
2 x Lightbomb
1 x Catrina Muerte
2 x Mass Resurrection
2 x Plague of Death
1 x Zerek's Cloning Gallery

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAa0GCKCAA42CA9aZA5ObA+PSA+TSA+XSA+fSAwvTCtcKl4cDgpQDmJsDmZsDoaEDr6UDmakDn6kD3tIDAA==

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General strategy

This deck is excruciatingly slow, so be wary of aggro decks killing you dead before you get the chance to react. Below, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide in piloting Resurrect Priest successfully.

Early Game: Depending on who you think you’re up against, your opening hand will look very different. In general, you want to stop your opponent snowballing early on, so keep cards like Penance, Shadow Word: Pain and Forbidden Words to take down strong enemies. Minions like EVIL Totem, Northshire Cleric and Crystal Merchant can be scary early on, so getting rid of them is essential while your deck gets up to speed. After that, you just need to get your minions out there. Archmage Vargoth contests the board and sets you up for later Resurrect plays, and Convincing Infiltrator gives your opponent a lot to think about when trying to push damage.

Survive the early game and you’re good to go, with some extremely strong plays available later on.

Mid Game: If you’ve had minions like Zilliax or Convincing Infiltrator die off already, you’ll be able to get them back with Psychopomp, with a bonus Reborn effect giving you a whole chunk of extra value. This is the first step to stabilising against aggressive and minion-focused decks - bringing back your disruptive minions. Similarly, Sylvanas Windrunner is a fantastic play if you can get away with it, offering you the chance to steal an enemy minion as well as the potential for future Resurrection of the minion.

Against control decks, or decks that aren’t minion-based, you’ll want to avoid making too many low-value plays throughout. In particular, if you’re up against another Priest, don’t play cards like Convincing Infiltrator into an empty board, as you won’t receive the value from its Deathrattle, and in that matchup, value is everything. Unfortunately, against control-focused Warrior decks or Malygos combo decks, you’ll struggle regardless so will have to make low-value plays as much as you can in order to try to get lucky. Emperor Thaurissan can reduce the cost of cards in your hand too, so if you’ve managed to play him out, you might be able to cast an early Plague of Death to get rid of scary enemy boards. Lightbomb and Mass Hysteria are also great board clears usable by this deck, and it’s well worth making use of them if you’re in danger - just remember their limitations and potential for each of these cards to fail a full board clear.

Late Game: By the time the late-game comes around, you should have a decent bit of value in your resurrection pool. If there are still powerful minions in your deck like Ragnaros the Firelord or Catrina Muerte, playing Zerek's Cloning Gallery can bring them out. After this, it’s a matter of getting maximum luck and value from your Resurrections, including Mass Resurrection and Catrina Muerte, as well as N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

You should have enough value late on to beat out most foes, especially if you're lucky and manage to get Catrina Muerte or Archmage Vargoth off of a Mass Resurrection, generating even more value. N'Zoth will bring back your Deathrattle minions, so if you’re still facing pressure to your health total, this play will help, raising Khartut Defenders galore to restore your life. Eventually, either you or your opponent will run out of value and lose. Most of the time, you’re able to out-value them.

Resurrect Priest Mulligan Guide

Mulligan for removal, except in very special situations.

1. Keep hold of Shadow Word: Pain in order to get rid of the likes of EVIL Totem, Northshire Cleric, Crystal Merchant and other strong early minions.

2. The same is true for Forbidden Words - removal of early threats is vital to your survival.

3. Keeping minions like Convincing Infiltrator can be useful against aggro, but against control it’s often worth holding on to Zerek's Cloning Gallery to get your Resurrect pool filled out and put some pressure on the enemy.

Resurrect Priest tips, combos and synergies

Keep in mind the card synergies and combos to best play Resurrect Priest. It’s a deck you’ll need to get the hang of, but should be able to learn if you keep your head in the game:

- Emperor Thaurissan reduces the cost of every card in your hand by 1 mana each turn It’s usually best to save this for when you have high-cost cards in hand, giving you the ability to play them a turn or two earlier.

- Mass Resurrection can bring you even more than the 3 minions it promises. If you resurrect Archmage Vargoth or Catrina Muerte, you’ll get extra resurrections on board.

- Ragnaros the Firelord can be brought out as a 1/1 by Zerek's Cloning Gallery, but will still deal 8 damage to a random enemy at the end of your turn.

- Your three board clears - Mass Hysteria, Lightbomb and Plague of Death, must be used carefully. Both Lightbomb and Mass Hysteria have the potential to fail a board clear, so calculate the effects of each before casting them.

- N'Zoth, the Corruptor can bring back multiple copies of Sylvanas Windrunner if you’ve managed to have multiple copies of her die through the likes of Zerek's Cloning Gallery and Psychopomp.

- Plague of Death is extremely valuable as your only 100% board clear. Save it for when there’s no other option.

- Psychopomp is able to bring back a minion of yours that’s died this game and give it Reborn. Unfortunately, this effect doesn’t stack on minions like Khartut Defender, which already have Reborn.

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