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Malygos Rogue deck list guide - Descent of Dragons - Hearthstone (December 2019)

Our guide to climbing the ladder with Malygos Rogue in the Descent of Dragons meta.

Our Malygos Rogue deck list guide features the best Descent of Dragons deck list for Season 69 of Hearthstone (December 2019). Our Malygos Rogue guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Malygos Rogue is a deck that seeks to gather plenty of spell damage cards together, get the titular Malygos card in-hand as well, and then use its devastating damage-boosting effect to obliterate the opponent's health pool. In the latest Boomsday edition of the deck, you also have the means to create multiple Malygos minions as we'll explain.

Like so many Rogue decks, it is not easy to play Malygos Rogue to a consistently high standard. If you've shied away from other Rogue decks that rely on juggling complex combos, you should probably give this one a miss as well. If, on the other hand, you live to pile calculation onto calculation, then you're going to love playing this robust deck.

In our first Malygos Rogue update for the new meta you'll find a theorycrafted deck list and an overview of the strategy involved in played it - expect big updates for that section once the expansion is under way. We'll add in Mulligan advice when the meta is live, but you can get a breakdown of all the card combos at the bottom of the page.


Malygos Rogue is still very much a fringe deck, even as we move into the Descent of Dragons meta. It's seeing some play, though, so we've updated it with the latest deck list. Stay tuned for an in-depth strategy guide which'll be on the way as soon as we've had a chance to mess around with the updated version of this deck!

Malygos Rogue deck list and strategy

This version of Malygos Rogue is about as good as it gets as we kick off the Descent of Dragons meta.

2 x Backstab1 x Malygos
1 x Preparation1 x Cobalt Spellkin
2 x Sinister Strike2 x Faceless Corruptor
2 x Shadowstep1 x Shield of Galakrond
2 x Bloodsail Flybooter2 x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 x Praise Galakrond!
2 x Sinister Strike
1 x Togwaggle's Scheme
2 x Eviscerate
1 x Edwin VanCleef
2 x EVIL Miscreant
2 x Seal Fate
2 x Umbral Skulker
2 x Vanish
1 x Heistbaron Togwaggle
1 x Galakrond, the Nightmare

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAaIHCLICtAOGCa+RA5KXA/6uA4GxA8vAAwu0Ae0CxgWIB6QHj5cDtq4Dua4Dv64Dzq8DgrEDAA==

Your main objective is to get Malygos - or multiple copies of the card - onto the board so that your damage spells are significantly increased in strength. Cards like Eviscerate, Shiv and the spells from Razorpetal Lasher are key parts of that game-finishing damage.

Thanks to the launch of last year's Boomsday Project you now have a new way to spawn Malygos, and targeting Kobold Illusionist with Necrium Vial will spawn a pair of Dragons for you. If you can mix in Preparation first, you've the potential to unload a large number of your damage spells on a late-game turn, and get the match wrapped up and finished with.

That's the fundamentals of playing the deck, then. Check the combo section for a detailed breakdown of how the cards synergise with one another. This more than anything will give you the insight you need to pilot the deck in the early days.

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Malygos Rogue Mulligan guide

These are the cards you should prioritise keeping during the Mulligan phase of each game.

  • 1. Cavern Shinyfinder - This character contests the early-game and also guarantees you pull Necrium Blade, assuming a copy remains in your deck pile somewhere.
  • 2. Elven Minstrel - Expensive for keeping in the early stages, but very useful and you want to get that combo off with a cheap spell.

Malygos Rogue tips, combos and synergies

Malygos Rogue is not an easy deck for new players, and it's vital you always keep track of your maths to see just how close you are to lethal damage. To help you get on top of all that, here's a look at all of the core synergies available in this collection of cards.

- Casting Preparation means the next spell you cast on the same turn will cost three Mana less. There's important synergy here with Kobold Illusionist and Necrium Vial, allowing you to potentially summon multiple Malygos minions and have Mana left over to dish out huge damage.

- Eviscerate, Sinster Strike, Shiv and Razorpetal Lasher are all powerful parts of your game-ending Malygos turn, so calculate your damage potential carefully at all times. Play something before Eviscerate to get that bonus damage.

- If casting Roll the Bones draws you a Deathrattle card, the spell will be cast once again. This effect can, potentially, go off multiple times.

- Cavern Shinyfinder will always pull Necrium Blade into your hand, assuming you have a copy of this weapon left somewhere in your remaining deckpile.

- Casting Valeera the Hollow grants you immunity for a turn and adds a token to your hand. Each turn that token turns into a copy of the last card you played, helping you achieve your big spell damage finale.

- When planning your damage output, keep in mind that all spells become five points more powerful when Malygos is out on the board. If you have more than one Malygos in play, that damage boost stacks!

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  • brandonjeroeneggermo #1 3 years ago
    List is looking great !

    One pointer tho isnt xaril the poisoned mind a good addition ?

    You can get some drawal chance initiation for combo's and with some luck 2 free bursts for malygos.

    Hope this is usefull and if you left him out on purpose i'm curious why you choose to.


    Reality's Madness
  • Lokojet #2 3 years ago
    @Klck Maybe Xaril instead one Tomb Pillager? Xaril gives you 2 extra cards and Tomb Pillagar just one, it could be one option.
    However the coin could be better than two cards.
  • Klck #3 3 years ago
    @Bedders i didnt play a single match as rogue since i started hearthstone (Thanks to arena im lvl 45+), mostly coz still i have no edwin, but my version prolly would be same as Yours. Im just surprised xaril is not here. Isnt he good enough with his synergy with auctioner?
  • Lokojet #4 3 years ago
    @Bedders Oh I think it was a great tribute for Malygos's wife, you can check them together in this picture:
  • Bedders #5 3 years ago
    @Lokojet Ha! Really? I thought the was Malygos forever although now you mention it...
  • Lokojet #6 3 years ago
    So nice to include Sindragosa as background image for a Malygos deck. Great love story between them! Also a great boss encounter in Icecrown Citadel.

    I would like to include at least one Questing Adventurer in this deck, maybe in replacement of one copy of Shiv?
  • Bedders #7 3 years ago
    @Klck I've actually put Malygos twice is what's happened here! Will take out now and thanks for letting me know.

    As for Yogg's place in this deck, I'm afraid I have to make my usual disclaimer that Rogue is my major blind-sport in Hearthstone, which is why you see disproportionately less stuff on the class here.

    I've not see any Malygos Rogue deck lists out there that feature Yogg to be honest. How does your version look?
  • Klck #8 3 years ago
    I wish i could also play 2 copies of malygos :p seriously, you wrote 2nd maly in yoggs slot. God may curse You in revenge.
  • jonahbuist #9 3 years ago
    Earthen Ring Farseer is a neutral card.
  • AL-EXcalibur14 #10 3 years ago
    Been testing this deck and it really seems to do better when earthen ring farseer is replaced with Coldlight Oracle, generally the 3 health isn't enough to really make a difference, but 2 extra cards can make all the difference. After making this change, removing 1 deadly poison and sinister strike in favor of 2 shadowsteps has been wonderful.
  • Bedders #11 3 years ago
    @cjsutton28 Thank you! (Malygos on the brain this week...)
  • cjsutton28 #12 3 years ago
    The subtitle says How to win more games using the latest Malygos Warlock deck list in Season 26.
  • Gr81derer #13 4 years ago
    Gr8 Guide! For Video Tutorial check this out:
  • samuhaaja80 #14 4 years ago

    Deck seems really fun to play.
    On my first play I fished 10+ cards with auctioneer. Only to land on Thaurassian as the 2nd last card in the deck. And after playing it proceeded to get comboed down by druid haha.
    But I really did enjoy playing this deck, it seems strong AND FUN.
    I wonder if it can fit in Loatheb to counteract this kind of plays.
    Hush tempomages