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World of Warcraft: Legion: Primal Flamesaber Mount guide

Our guide to grabbing the limited-time Primal Flamesaber mount.

There are four main status symbols in the World of Warcraft community: gear, achievements, mounts, and pets. The latter pair is especially valued as they not only provides exceptonal visual flair, they can often be used across several characters.

As a result, mounts and pets are usually offered by Blizzard as part of one-off promotional events - and with good reason, as few things drive the committed WOW player more than the promise of a shiny new mount or unique pet. Our Primal Flamesaber guide will help grab the latest mount to hit the game.

First off, this is a time-limited event, dubbed "For Azeroth!" You will only be able to get this mount from February 14 to March 13, 2017. Will it be gone for good after that period, or will Blizzard trot it out periodically?

Never say never, but Blizzard has historically avoided giving extra chances at promotional items, and the few cases where it has done so are tied to the gold-driven, in-game Black Market Auction House, where you can expect to see exclusive mounts go on sale to the tune of millions of gold. Put simply, if you think it's something you will ever care about, get it now.

Be aware though that this is a cross-over promotion, meaning that it’s not tied to anything you can do in-game in WOW. You’ll have to play Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s take on the MOBA genre, instead. The good news is that you won’t have to be good at the game and win, just play - although you have to do it with a friend.

How to get the Primal Flamesaber Mount

The rules in a nutshell: before March 13th comes around, you must play 15 matches of Heroes of the Storm using a Warcraft Hero, and while teamed up with a friend of yours from your friends list.

You can supposedly do this in any game mode, but we’ve only tested it so far in the Quick Match, Versus AI and Unranked modes for now - stick to these if you want to be sure of working towards your tally.

Heroes of the Storm is free to download and play. Just click the Heroes of the Storm tab on the launcher, and select the Install option to get the download rolling.

Once the game's been installed and you've fired it up, you can use the friends list button at the lower-right end of the screen to browse and message your online friends (it helps if you’ve talked to them beforehand to make sure they also have the game installed!).

From here you can then click on the little icon on the right side of the friend you would like to invite. Once you have your friend(s) invited into a party, you can then simply click “play” at the top-left corner of the screen and select a mode.

If you are reading this, we’re going to guess you’re new to the game, so you are better off choosing Versus A.I. Additional options will be made available on the bottom-left of the screen - drag the “difficulty” slider all the way left to Beginner and choose Co-op. This will populate the rest of your party with real players and the opposing team with entry-level A.I. bots.

Select your character, start and finish your match, and make sure you wrap up all 15 matches before the end date. You can check your progress at the starting screen - the “special event” quest is tracked on the right-hand side of the screen.

How To Choose Your Character for the “For Azeroth!” Event

At the top of the Heroes of the Storm character select screen, you can see several filters. Make sure you toggle the “W” symbol under the “Universe” filter: this will gray out any non-warcraft characters, leaving only the ones that will count towards the promotion.

Not all of these will be selectable: only a few are available to play for free each week, the rest only being available after you've paid for them in the in-game shop. However, you will find that the free ones provided are more than enough to dip your toe and play the required games.

Note that when mousing over each one, you can see they're ranked as Easy / Medium / Hard. While we obviously recommend going for the Easy option if you are a beginner, don’t feel too intimidated with picking the Medium ones if no Easy option is available. The A.I. matches are pretty forgiving, and the difference between an Easy and a Medium character can, at times, be negligible.

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Beginner tips for Heroes of the Storm

Your job is to destroy the opposing team’s “core” (the big building at the center of their main base, usually at the other edge of the map) while protecting your own.

The path to it is defended by turrets and other buildings that periodically generate NPC characters that rush to the enemy base. If you rush blindly forward, these will overwhelm you and you’ll die without an enemy player even touching you.

The smart money is in following close behind the friendly NPCs produced by your own base, and then, while the enemy NPCs are targeting them, you swoop in for some hits. Always avoid being alone - try to team up with one or more players from your team. Refer to the map on the bottom-right of the screen to have an idea of enemy and ally positions.

Every once in awhile, you will level up - take the time to browse the ability-enhancing talents made available to you by parking at a safe spot and clicking on the level up icon at the lower left of the screen. Once you know them by heart and have favorites, you can start quickly selecting them mid-fight by pressing the corresponding numeric key.

Learn to quickly read your odds from the screen - if you are in numerical disadvantage or losing health quickly, disengage and run away. Death is not permanent but respawn times are long. If you are low on health, use your Hearthstone (Default: B) to go back to base - you’ll be replenished near-instantaneously.

A HotS game can take up to 20 mins, so don’t expect to have this event in the bag quickly. It’s best to try to enjoy it together with your friends - remember, you’ll get your mount regardless of whether you win or lose, so just have fun!

Are you working on your "For Azeroth!" achievement? Do you have any extra tips? Let us know in the comments.

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