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World of Warcraft: Legion: Withered J'im World Boss guide

A strategy guide full of tips and tactics for beating this week's World Boss.

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With each new week comes a new World Boss for you to try and tackle on your WOW realm of choice, and this week it looks like it's the turn of Withered J'im to rain agony down upon the PUGs of your particular world.

The good news is that he's not a tricky fight to deal with by any means, although the bad news is that the fight involves so many adds and spell effects that it can be a lag-heavy slogfest taking him down. Still you should find this a pretty easy route to getting your hands on a lovely new bit of 860 Item Level gear. Mmmmm...

In our brief and breezy Withered J'im guide, we'll walk you through the process of tracking him down, grabbing a group and then taking him out in pretty short order so you can bag yourself some nice new raiding gear for your collection. Good luck!

Locating Withered J'im

If you've got 1,000 Order Resources and/or 1,000 Gold burning a hole in your pocket, you might want to first of all head to Dalaran and grab a Seal of Broken Fate or two from the vendor outside Violet Hold - these will give you a bonus shot at loot from Withered J'im.

Next, we need to get you to your target, so hop onto your nearest gryphon and make your way down to the Warden's Redoubt flight point in Azsuna.

When you get there, fire up Group Finder / Premade Groups / Questing and throw 'Withered' into the search option. You should have no trouble at all getting a group together, particularly on realm reset day.

Having found yourself some friends, head south and up the slope past the signs warning of your impending doom! Eventually you'll come to a cave containing Withered J'im himself.

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Withered J'im strategy, tips and tactics

As we've already said earlier on in this guide, the biggest challenge you're likely to face during this fight is the extraordinary lag that's generated by all of his abilities and adds. Throw in a handful of other raid groups itching to get going on reset day and you can see why this can become such a problem.

Thankfully, the fight against Withered J'im is really quite simple as he only has four very primitive abilities for you to manage.

Nightshifted Bolts - When these land at their destination, they'll do Arcane damage to all party members within 4 yards. Simply avoid them.

Nightshifted Energy - These last for 25 seconds and pulse out damage continuously. Again, just stay well away!

Resonance - Shields J'im for 15 seconds, reducing the damage he takes by 30% and spawning Unstable Resonances when struck. Don't hit his shield, and make sure you kill any Resonances that do spawn within 20 seconds or they'll explode and cause everyone pain.

Withered Presence - A debuff that reduces everyone's damage a significant amount. Note that J'im's health pool is relatively small to reflect this so it's largely irrelevant.

As you can see, then, there's not a huge amount of strategy involved in beating Withered J'im. Stay out of stuff, try not to hit his shield when it's up, and deal with any adds that do appear. Just focus on your positioning and try to nuke the sucker down as quickly as possible so you can bag your rewards.

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