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World of Warcraft: Legion: Nightfallen Reputation guide

All you need to know about earning reputation with the Nightfallen.

The Nightfallen are the one faction of the Broken Isles that you’ll only get to meet once you reach Level 110. While all of the Broken Isles faction have nice perks for you to acquire as you level up your reputation with them, the Nightfallen have some especially juicy rewards to unlock - by following our Nightfallen Reputation guide, you’ll earn them pretty quickly.

Increasing your standing with the Nightborne unlocks further stages in the Suramar questline, which you’ll want to complete as soon as possible, because it provides you with copious amounts of Artifact Power. It is also the path you need to tread towards unlocking the two Mythic-exclusive endgame 5-man dungeons, Court of Stars and The Arcway. At 8000/12000 Revered reputation, you’ll get the questline to unlock them, as well as the final upgrades to your Class Hall armour set.

Of course, as is true with all other factions, Nightfallen reputation is also your gateway to several fun toys, some rare gear to kit your newly-minted 110 characters with, as well as a shoulder enchant - this one granting you the chance for potions and enchanting materials to drop with each kill.

Finally, increasing your reputation with the Nightfallen will progressively upgrade the Suramar hub at Shal'Aran, unlock several World Quests, and in general facilitate your questing and exploration in this endgame region.

There are several ways to increase your reputation, and you can combine all of them to ascend pretty quickly among the ranks. In this Nightfallen Reputation guide, we’ll outline all of them and offer you guidance on how to weave them together.

In further updates, we’ll go into finer detail on how to optimize your performance on the particularly relevant Withered Army Training World Quest / Scenario.

Neutral - Friendly: Suramar Questing and Ancient Mana Farming

Once you accept the quest that Archmage Khadgar has for you at level 110 and arrive in Suramar, you’ll meet First Arcanist Thalyssra and commence setting up your Suramar hub area soon after.

This will initiate a series of quests that will see you travelling across Suramar finding allies to join up with you and Thalyssa at Shal'Aran. Your first priority is to always go as far along in these questlines as you can, because they will:

  • Award reputation upon completion
  • Unlock further ways to earn reputation
  • Increase your holding capacity for Ancient Mana

Ancient Mana

Ancient Mana is the de facto currency in Suramar. You will use it to trade directly for reputation, to activate the Withered Army Training scenario, and to progress along the main Suramar questline.

You can get Ancient Mana by killing enemies in Suramar, by picking it up in its crystallized form, and by standing in “leylines” (crackling pools of magic) that will randomly form during combat after Arcanist Valtrois joins you at Shal’Aran and you’ve spoken to her for her buff.

You should always pick up any Ancient Mana you come across. Initially this will be in small amounts, but once you gain access into Suramar City by completing more of the questline, you will be able to pick up big chunks of it there.

You are initially capped at carrying 300 Ancient Mana at any given time, but this cap will be raised significantly as you complete more of the Suramar questline - a good thing too, as you will need 400 on hand every 3 days to attempt the Withered Army Training scenario, as well as make 800 and 1200 one-time payments at different stages of the main Suramar questline that unlocks the two mythic dungeons.

Friendly - Honored: Investing Your Hard-Earned Ancient Mana

Each day you can directly trade 50 Ancient Mana for 50 Reputation by “feeding” it to your three main Nightfallen friends at Shal’Aran. This might seem like a small amount, but it all adds up!

As you progress in the questline, you will also unlock the Withered Army Training scenario. This costs at least 400 ancient mana to activate (by speaking to First Arcanist Thalyssra) and will be available every three days.

In this scenario, you’ll be given control of a Withered Army as you storm a complex of ancient ruins. The more Ancient Mana you pay at the start, the bigger your army will be. The army itself obeys to two simple commands: follow (and attack your target) and raise hell (they will stay at their location, attacking anything in sight with a damage boost). The scenario will end once all of your Withered are dead or missing.

Depending on your performance (how many treasure chests you’ve collected and how far you got into the ruins) you’ll be awarded increasing amounts of loot and items that grant you reputation.

In a future update to this guide, we will go into further greater detail about how to maximise these rewards, but for now juts keep in mind these pointers:

  • When a Withered starts running away in fear, you’ll be given a warning. Go to him and interact (right-click) to keep him from disappearing.
  • Send them back with chests as often as possible. Your army will be reduced but your score will go up.
  • Avoid “raising hell” if there are too many enemies nearby - small armies can be easily overwhelmed.
  • If your class offers a tank specialisation, consider using it. You can draw away damage from your army, prolonging the scenario. Healing them though is mostly useless.

You should always have 400 Ancient Mana on hand to complete this scenario every three days.

Honored - Revered: World Quests Are Your Friends

While doing all of the above, as you unlock further areas and features in Suramar, you’ll also be unlock more and more daily World Quests in Suramar and Suramar City. All of these will give you reputation and you should prioritise completing them.

Note that doing Wardens World Quests in Suramar will also net you some Nightfallen reputation, and when you get a Kirin Tor Emissary quest on your map (complete 4 Kirin Tor World Quests anywhere in the Broken Isles) you will be able to choose a Greater Nightfallen Insignia as your reward upon completion, granting you 750 reputation.

Once you are 8000/12000 on your way to Revered, you will also start the questline to unlock the Mythic dungeons. Do it as quickly as possible (you will need 1200 Ancient Mana to hand) and going through the dungeons will net you a big reputation gain.

Revered - Exalted: All Of The Above, Again

Once you hit Revered, there are no new, specific ways to increase your reputation.

Instead, we stress farming Ancient Mana in Suramar City (you’ll find much bigger chunks of it than in the outskirts), religiously completing the Withered Army Training scenario every three days, and running the Mythic dungeons The Arcway and Court of Stars at least once a week.

That’s it for our Nightfallen Reputation guide! Soon, we will offer a detailed guide on how to maximise your rewards from the Withered Army Training scenario. Until then, enjoy your loot, and take to the comments to let us know if there were any juicy tips we missed!

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