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World of Warcraft: Legion: Ley Race Azsuna World Quest guide

How to finish off this fiddly World Quest in short order.

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Although you might not want to admit you're having trouble with this rather simple-sounding World Quest, the fact is it's not immediately obvious how to get started with the Ley Race mission in Azsuna, or even what it is you need to do in order to get it wrapped up and claim your reward.

For that reason, we though it might be handy to put together a very quick guide post on how to get things done and dusted, so you can move on to your next source of delicious Artifact power. Follow the tips below and you should have this fiddly World Quest wrapped up in no time.

Starting the Ley Race World Quest

Approach the marker that's on your map and you should be able to see a Druid by the name of Archmage Nielthende. She's surrounded by beasts and is the Ley Race quest starter - once you approach her, the World Quest announcement will appear on your UI, and you'll have the option to speak with her.

Do so and keep talking a few times until you're on your mount. This starts the quest itself.

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Finishing the Ley Race

This is where things get a little bit confusing and annoying. This isn't a circuit race, and so you'll have to keep your eyes constantly peeled for the next shimmering blue light that indicates where you have to go next. If you haven't seen a new spot pop up ahead of you within 5 seconds of passing through the last one, do a U-turn and scan for another that you can pass through.

It's really important to note that - unlike the levelling quest which had you racing in a circle to collect this stuff - there is no clear path through these energy spots. Instead, you must chop and change direction at any time in your pursuit of more energy.

You've only got 5 minutes to complete this race, so don't hang about and avoid wasting too much time chasing a straight line that leads to nothing. Yes, you lose speed for making turns on your tiger, but it's more important that you find your next source of energy nice and quickly.

Good luck!

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