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World of Warcraft: Legion: WOW 7.1: Return to Karazhan Attunement and more

How to unlock the new Karazhan dungeon, the economic impact of patch 7.1, and more!

The first content patch for WOW Legion has hit servers today in the US and will arrive tomorrow in the EU. In this Return to Karazhan guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about how to access the new content introduced in Patch 7.1, and the changes it brings to WOW Legion’s mechanics and economics.

The star of the show is the titular dungeon Karazhan. This entry-level raid from World of Warcraft’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, has been a fan-favourite for years and now makes a triumphant comeback as an epic, 9-boss dungeon for 5-player parties. Do note that the original 10-man raid remains accessible for people who want to go there to farm the mount and vanity items.

How do you get there though? Well, the entrance is to the south of Stormwind, nestled between Duskwood and the Blasted Lands - just as it has always been - but in order to unlock the entrance, you will need to complete a quest line started by Khadgar in Dalaran.

BREAKING! - Our complete Return to Karazhan guide is live now and contains complete strategies for beating every boss!

The first of these quests is called Edict of the God King, and requires you to complete Halls of Valor on Mythic difficulty setting. Once you've successfully completed that dungeon, Khadgar will ask you to beat the Black Rook Hold, Vault of the Wardens and Violet Hold dungeons - again, on Mythic difficulty. From here it's just a matter of completing a handful of quests close to the dungeon entrance.

Once you do get inside, you can expect to face 8 boss encounters (plus an extra 9th that we will detail how to unlock as soon as we discover it) at a slightly boosted Mythic difficulty, for loot that can go up to item level 860 (870 if you’re lucky with a Titanforged upgrade). There will also be two new mounts to acquire as random drops.

What else can you expect from this Return to Karazhan Patch 7.1?

Solo Content

The patch also unlocks the new stage in the Suramar questline, which culminates by awarding you the sweet Arcanist’s Manasaber mount. The catch is that you need to have reached Exalted with the Nightfallen faction to be able to progress in the quest line. Fear not, our Nightfallen Reputation guide will set you on the right path.

Apart from that, you’ll find a new questline in Stormheim that will unlock new World Quests all across the Broken Isles, and a new series of quests in the Old World - visit Alcaz Island just off the north coast of Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh (Kalimdor) to start this new mini-adventure for pets, toys, and more.

Gold Farming and Eco-gnomics

A major change in 7.1 is the addition of the Blood of Sargeras vendor. This helpful lady can be found in Dalaran and goes by the name of Illnea Bloodthorn. She will trade you your Blood of Sargeras - which are pretty useless if you don’t want to craft gear or upgrade said crafted gear - for any kind of Legion trade material, or even Class Hall Resources for your alts!

What this means is that once 7.1 hits, the Auction House prices of all these mats will probably go down quite a bit - especially the price of those ultra-precious Starlight Roses.

On the other hand, on November 8th (US) and 9th (EU), the new raid, Trial of Valor, will unlock. When this happens, the prices of consumables are likely to spike again, even if they won’t reach pre-Ilnea prices.

Here's how we can profit from all this:

  • On patch day, buy as many Starlight Roses as possible, either through the Blood of Sargeras vendor or when they start coming down in price in the Auction House due to the increased supply.
  • On Nov. 8 / 9 - and preferably in the afternoon - you should be able to auction them for higher prices as top raiding guilds need to restock before tackling the new content.

Want a less risky bet? Patch 7.1 introduces a new leatherworking recipe, Drums of the Mountain, which simulates the effect of Time Warp / Heroism / Bloodlust and as such will be in very high demand for Mythic Dungeons. This will make the prices of Unbroken Tooth and Unbroken Claw go up, so stock up on them fast before inflation sets in!

Here’s the cliffnotes:



25/10 (US) 26/10 (EU)

  • Buy: Starlight Rose, Unbroken Tooth, Unbroken Claw
  • Trade (BoS Vendor): Starlight Rose

8/11 (US) 9/11 (EU)

  • Sell: Starlight Rose, Unbroken Tooth, Unbroken Claw

Disclaimer: these are educated guesses based on previous market analysis. Just like in the real world, the Azerothian economy can take wild turns, and so the old market adage is true: don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose, and diversify your portfolio.

Keep watching this page, as we’ll be updating it with more info as the patch hits and more information in uncovered. In the meantime, let us know of your discoveries down in the comments!

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