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World of Warcraft: Legion: WOW Token Guide - How to Play World of Warcraft for Free

Our growing guide on how to pay for your World of Warcraft subscription with the WOW Token.

World of Warcraft remains one of the top MMOs in the world, with constant updates and a solid player base that ensures the game continues to enjoy plenty of love and attention from the developers at Blizzard.

This comes at a cost, though. World of Warcraft is one of the few MMOs that still requires a monthly cash fee for the privilege of playing it - a deal-breaker for many, yet one that can be bypassed with a little work and perseverance. Our WOW Token Guide will show you how to do it with as little time investment as possible.

The WoW Token is an item you can buy in-game with Gold - World of Warcraft’s main currency - and that, when used, adds a month of playtime to your account. Sounds simple, right? Well, the trouble is that its price is variable, and regulated by supply and demand. Even at its lowest, the price of a WOW Token can easily come close to a hundred thousand Gold, a value that any single character will be hard-pressed to reach via regular activities like running dungeons or questing.

If you have a stable of high-level characters, however, it becomes much easier to accumulate gold via more oblique activities like solo-running old dungeons or abusing some of Blizzard’s passive income systems like Class Hall Missions. This can be achieved in a relatively timely manner, as the characters only need to be max level, and don’t need to be geared up to play in the end-game if you only intend to use them to earn gold.

Depending on how many gold-making strategies you apply - and in this guide, we’ll prioritize the ones that require a low time commitment, so you can spend your playtime actually playing the game, instead of making gold to be able to play - three max level characters may be enough to pay for your monthly subscription.

This guide will start small at first, but over time, we’ll add more and more gold-making strategies, so you can diversify your approaches.

Run Class Hall missions with bonus Gold rewards

This tactic is based on exploiting Blizzard’s recent increase of the Gold bonus it pays for completing Gold-awarding missions at 200% success rate.

This strategy’s weak point though is that it requires you to build up a roster of well-equipped Class Hall champions to regularly hit 200% success chance. The mechanisms to do so are time-gated, so unless you are quite lucky it can take over a month to build a winning team.

But once you've done so, you’ll see gold pouring in with minimal effort and time-commitment.

Time to Set Up: 4 - 6 weeks
Monthly Payoff (estimated): 45,000 G / character.
Time Commitment: 5 - 10 minutes / day

The first thing you need to do is hit Level 110 with your characters, while making sure to spend the required Order Resources to upgrade your Class Hall at levels 101 and 105.

Once you hit Level 110, you’ll be able to initiate the third Class Hall upgrade, which lets you choose between being able to recruit extra units, or buy a box with a random piece of Champion equipment per day. You’ll want to choose the Champion equipment.

This third upgrade will take 7 days to complete, so in the meantime, run as many missions that award champion equipment and upgrades as you can. Don’t bother with Gold missions for now, as the payoff will be very small. If your focus is exclusively on making gold with your character, you can skip the Artifact Power missions as well.

Optimise Champion equipment to make more Gold

Your goal is to have at least 5 Champions (but preferably all of them) at maximum item level.

In addition, in order to maximize your mission success %, you will want roughly half of them to have equipped [ITEM THAT REDUCES MISSION LENGTH] + [ITEM THAT INCREASES SUCCESS % OF MISSION UNDER 4 HOURS]


Once you have a full roster of Champions thus equipped, you will find that you can easily get 200% success chance on every Gold-awarding mission - netting you more than 1500g. It’s not uncommon to get one of these missions every day, so per character that will total up to a nice monthly income.

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Tips for making Gold with Champions

Here are a few extra pointers:

- Do pay the daily 250g fee to activate / deactivate a Champion if you need its skills to maximize success %. It is invariably worth it. Plan ahead to make sure you won’t need them for a mission later that same day though.

- Do send them on some “filler missions” if there are no Gold missions available - this will cause the mission list to refresh more quickly. Naturally, prioritize the ones with lowest cost and length.

- Make sure to install the Legion App on your Android / iOS device, which will let you do all of this throughout the day without eating away at your game time at home.

This strategy requires a lot of perseverance at the start, as upgrading your followers can feel like a thankless chore. Once it's set up though, it's a money-making system that practically works itself.

That’s it for the first version of our WOW Token guide. We intend to update this article weekly with a new gold-making tip that will allow you to play World of Warcraft for free, so make sure you check back next week!

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