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World of Warcraft: Legion: WOW Lovely Charm Bracelet / Love Token Guide

Your guide to earning all the “Love is in the Air” event goodies.

It is that magic time of the year and the denizens of Azeroth are all getting ready to find new love or rekindle an old flame. What this means for World of Warcraft players is that there is a new chance for cosmetic, Valentine’s Day themed goodies.

The Love is in the Air event comes with a veritable bounty of toys, pets and flavour items, and to buy them you’ll need to quest and craft several of the Lovely Charm Bracelet items, in order to acquire the event’s currency: the Love Token. Our guide will show you the best way to do so.

In this guide we’ll go through the best way to craft a Lovely Charm Bracelet and how to redeem it for a bunch of Love Tokens; but we’ll also provide you with a handy list of everything you can buy with said Love Tokens, so you can plan your shopping according to your preference and priorities.

The amount of Love Tokens required to buy everything can feel intimidating, so we suggest you pick your must-haves and then go down from there.

While most quests that award Love Tokens can be repeated daily, and therefore accumulating a decent amount of Tokens in one character is perfectly reasonable for the duration of the event (from February 7th to the 21st), you can go the extra mile by repeating those same quests on other characters - most of them don’t require you to have hit the level cap. In fact, you can try for the most coveted item - the Love Rocket mount - right at level 16!

Love Token Shopping List

Here is a handy list of all the goodies you can buy this holiday using Love Tokens. To do so, just right-click on any one of the Crown and Co. Lovely Merchant NPCs, which can be found in every capital city.

Item Love Tokens
Sturdy Love Fool 100
5x "Bravado" Cologne (+38 attack power) 1
5x "STALWART" Cologne (+20 dodge rating) 1
5x "Wizardry" Cologne (+45 spellpower) 1
5x "Enchantress" Perfume (+45 spellpower) 1
5x "Forever" Perfume (+20 dodge rating) 1
5x "VICTORY" Perfume (+38 attack power) 1
Bag of Heart Candies 2
5x Handful of Rose Petals 2
5x Lovely Rose 5
Lovebird Hatchling 40
5x Love Rocket 5
5x Silver Shafted Arrow 5
Romantic Picnic Basket 10
Box of Chocolates 10
Love Fool 10
Dinner Suit Box 20
Lovely Dress Box 20
Truesilver Shafted Arrow 40
Swift Lovebird 270
Manufactured Love Prism 40
Love Boat 270

Lovely Charm Bracelet: farming and gifting

One of the main ways to acquire Love Tokens is by crafting a Lovely Charm Bracelet and then gifting it to one of your faction’s leaders.

First you need to locate Kwee Q. Peddlefeet; you can find him outside of auction houses in each of the major cities. Talk to him to get a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit; while you have this item in your inventory, any appropriately-leveled enemy you land a killing blow on has a chance to drop a Lovely Charm. You need to gather 10 of these.

While people keep coming up with “farming” spots to get these quickly, they get crowded sooner rather than later. What we’ve found works best is to simply make sure you have the Collector's kit in your inventory and then go do some World Quests. You should have 10 Lovely Charm in no time.

Combining 10 Lovely Charms will create a Lovely Charm Bracelet. Use this to start a daily quest, leading you to the faction leader of your choice. As there are four faction leaders per faction, a single character can repeat this four times per day, netting a total of 20 Love Token.

Love is in the Air Gold-Making Opportunities

If you don’t care for or already own the seasonal goodies, but do care about lining your pockets, note that the Swift Lovebird mount isn’t tied to your account until you use it, and the Lovebird Hatchling can be caged and auctioned after being added to your pet collection.

While they are relatively easy to get and thus not super-valuable, they are still your best shot at profiting from the event. Be warned: the Auction House will be swamped with these during the event, so you’ll only get the best prices if you hold onto them for 4-6 months. This is a medium-term investment, not a quick cash grab.

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The Elusive Love Rocket

The rarest prize of the event, the Love Rocket, is one you can’t buy; instead, you must sign up for the Crown and Co. event in the Dungeon Finder tool and face a short boss battle. Win and you have a generous 1 in 3333 chance to receive the Love Rocket from the loot box you are awarded.

No, it’s no joke. This mount is about as rare as true love - possibly a bit rarer. And you can only try to get it once per day per character. At least you will always get some Love Tokens out of it.

In a stunning display of generosity, however, this year’s event doesn’t require you to be at the level cap to sign up - any character at or over level 16 can join the dungeon group.

So if you really must ride around on a big pink rocket, you can always put in the 1-2 hours it takes to level a character from 1 to 16 and earn an extra daily shot. Good luck!

That’s it for our guide to farming Love Tokens. These are the most efficient ways to go about it, but you can always complete the several daily quests made available by the event NPCs hanging around the main cities’ Auction Houses. It all adds up!

Have any good tips that we might have missed? Please share them in the comments section.

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