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World of Warcraft: Legion: Hatching of the Hippogryphs and Frayfeather Highlands location and guide

How to find the Frayfeather Highlands location and participate in the Hatching of the Hippogryphs event.

The Hatching of the Hippogryphs is part of a new kind of World of Warcraft holidays, what Blizzard is calling “micro-holidays”: a once-per-year chance to participate in a flavor event centered around a part of Azeroth’s history or culture.

Today’s (23rd of February ) event is quite simple - you can participate in the core of it in about 5 minutes - but is not clearly signposted. You’ll need to find your way to the Frayfeather Highlands location in Feralas, which is not clearly marked on any map, and could be especially hard for people that didn’t visit the region during Vanilla World of Warcraft, and may simply have blitzed through - or not visited at all - while leveling during recent expansions.

But first, it’s important to be sure this is something that you actually want to invest your time in. While said time investment is minimal, the rewards are also not up to the usual WOW holiday standards. This is an intentional effort by Blizzard to remove the pressure and the fear of missing out from people who might not be able to play during this exact date.

What do you get for your five minutes of witnessing the miracle of life? Well, you get an hippogryph hatchling standing on your character’s shoulder for 24 hours (not a pet). With a bit more effort (actually, a lot of effort, but we’ll get there), you can extend that privilege for 5 days.

Still interested? Great. It’s actually rather cute. Then, on with the guide. Keep in mind, once the clock strikes midnight and it’s the 24th of February, it’s a no-go - you’ll have to wait for next year.

How to Reach the Frayfeather Highlands

First off, you need to head to Feralas. If you are a Horde player, this is incredibly simple. Just use the portal at your faction’s area in Dalaran to reach Mulgore. Then, fly south-west until you reach Feralas. Super simple!

If you are an Alliance player, it’s not much harder but you have more ground to cover, as none of the Alliance capital cities are as close to Feralas as Mulgore.

Your best shot is to head to the center of Dalaran, to the Chamber of the Guardian - the place where you store the Pillars of Creation during the main Legion questline. Head straight past that chamber and down the stairs into the main portal room, and take the portal to your left, to the Caverns of Time.

Then, just fly to the north-west. You’ll fly across Tanaris and reach the Thousand Needles, then veer left and you’ll see the lush greenery of Feralas right in front of you.

Once in Feralas, you can finally find the Frayfeather Highlands on the south-west corner of the region, just to the right of the Ruins of Isilden. Land and find a nest with eggs.

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The Frayfeather Highlands and Lorthalium

There’s not a lot to do once you get here. Just find a nest with unhatched eggs, and stick close one of them. You will see some flavour text in the chat telling you it’s getting warm. Eventually, it will hatch, and an Hippogryph hatchling will stick to your shoulder ( you can see the duration as a 24-hour buff on the top right of your screen).

A day is not enough for you? Are you a TRUE Hippogryph aficionado? Well, as soon as you have your feathery friend on your shoulder, a rare elite mob called Lorthalium will become aggressive. Kill it, and you will earn a Spectral Feather, which you can then consume to extend the buff to 5 days.

But there’s a catch. While Lorthalium is easy enough to find - she patrols the Highlands - her tag is faction-specific, and limited to five players. This means that if a player of the opposing faction hits it before you, you’re out of luck - helping kill it will award no loot, you’ll have to wait for it to respawn and try again.

And a maximum of 5 players can get credit for killing her at once, so again, if you are not among the five first players in your faction to hit here, you’re going to have to wait for another chance, too. Considering the amount of players present - this is a one-day event, after all - this is no easy feat.

Think you’ll go for it? Or is it just too much of a bother? What are your thoughts on these micro-holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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