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World of Warcraft: Legion: WOW Legion: Return to Karazhan guide

Our complete guide to WOW Legion's most challenging Mythic 5-man dungeon!

WOW Legion’s Patch 7.1, the first major patch since the launch of the expansion, reintroduced one of the game's most loved legacy raids - Karazhan - as a 5-man Mythic dungeon. In this Return to Karazhan guide, we’ll provide you with clear tactics to defeat what is, at the time of writing at least, some of the most challenging end-game content World of Warcraft has to offer.

More specifically, we’re going to focus on guiding you through what is at first sight a complex dungeon to navigate, and lay out tactics to deal with each boss as well as the more challenging trash. Our aim is to provide a streamlined, easy-to-use guide that doesn't overwhelm you.

You won't find exhaustive descriptions of each of the bosses abilities here, because that is always available in-game through the dungeon journal. What we're doing here is parsing through that information and explaining how to apply it in practice.

This first section of the guide deals with the first four out of the eight standard bosses in the dungeon, which make up the encounters in the lower half of the dungeon. Once you’re done with those, you’ll unlock the top half, which we provide tactics for in the second part of our Return to Karazhan guide.

Haven’t unlocked Karazhan yet? All you have to do is talk to Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran - he will then send you to complete Halls of Valor in Mythic difficulty, and after that, Vault of the Wardens, Black Rook Hold, and Violet Hold, in any order. Follow our linked guides for help.

The Opera Hall

As you enter Karazhan, you should head immediately to the right. This will lead you to the Opera Hall. Once you get there, you should follow the balcony to the right until you reach a flight of stairs. Once down, follow the balcony to the other end, until you can go down a second flight of stairs and into the stage. Talking to the stage manager Barnes will initiate one of three encounters, as described below.

Notable trash encounters

The only enemy that should pose a threat to the party on their way to the Opera Hall encounter is the Ghostly Philanthropist. These always come in packs and, together with Ghostly Patrons which periodically stun the tank, make the fight harder.

The potential for wiping on this trash comes from the Philanthropist’s Pennies from Heaven ability, a series of fast striking AoE attacks delivered at random spots underneath the party. Once they start channelling this attack, all players should keep moving away from the swirling areas at their feet.

Westfall Story

One of the three possible encounters in the Opera Hall, Westfall Story is a 3-phase fight with very taxing movement requirements. You will start the fight by having the tank pull Toe Knee and his cronies. Damage dealers should kill the cronies as quickly as possible using AoE and cleave attacks, and then focus on Toe Knee.

Toe Knee will periodically use a Whirlwind Kick that will stun everyone hit by it, so once the attack outline shows up around him, everyone should get out of range. It has a wide area of effect, so save any speed increasing abilities for this.

Toe Knee will also occasionally rush to a player, leaving a flaming whirlwind on that spot. These will have to be avoided throughout the rest of the phase, which ends once Toe Knee has been sufficiently damaged.

On Phase 2, Mrrgria will attack the party, and her three cronies will stay stationary, targeting random players with slow-moving, high-damaging bubbles. These should be dodged while the damage dealers kill the cronies.

Mrrgria should be kept busy by the tank. During this phase, waves of water will keep going through the stage, from one end to the other and meeting in the middle - the party must fit into the gaps while dealing with the rest of the fight mechanics.

Phase 3 is even more chaotic. At this point, the party must face both Toe Knee and Mrrgria simultaenously. While there are no more adds present, Toe Knee will continue spawning fire whirlwinds while Mrrgria ’s waves continue crisscrossing the stage, so the players must be constantly on the move.

It is recommended that damage dealers focus on Toe Knee first, so as to get rid of his Whirlwind Kick AoE stun. After that, finishing off Mrrgria should be easy.

Wikket / Beautiful Beast

It’s our policy to not put up guides that we haven't thoroughly tested. As the Opera Hall event only changes after the weekly reset, we haven’t been able to come up with tried and tested tactics for these two events - we will update the guide as soon as we are able to do so.

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Maiden of Virtue (The Guest Quarters)

Following the Opera encounter, the stage exit will open on the right-hand side of the stage, allowing the party to move through the backstage and into the audience part of the Opera Hall.

Here, the party should stick to the wall while moving in order to avoid pulling large groups from the audience. Sticking to the wall should get you from the Opera Hall to the Dancing Hall with minimal encounters, and then to the wide corridor known as the Guest Quarters.

From here, you can turn to the left and descent a flight of stairs to get down into the pest-infested cellar, which has no bosses but is required for a quest, or go to the right and head towards the next boss encounter, Maiden of Virtue.

Notable Trash Encounters

Just below the opera stage and before reaching the audience hall of the opera hall, you’ll meet several groups of backup singers. These will open Firelands Portals that summon beasts which can easily overwhelm the party. Either stun them while casting, or interrupt the cast.

Between the Opera Hall and the Dancing Hall, you will meet Skeletal Hushers. These will use their Flashlight ability to daze all party members - simply turn your back to them as they finish casting it, and you should be ok.

Maiden of Virtue

The Maiden is a one-phase fight with very strict timing mechanics. She will periodically target a non-tank player with Sacred Ground. After a short countdown, this player will drop a highly damaging puddle of Holy energy at their feet, and this puddle will expand at a fast pace until it covers a much wider area. To minimise the chaos this can quickly cause, affected players must ensure they drop it close to the walls of the arena.

The damage dealt by the puddles lingers for some seconds on the affected players, which is key to dealing with Maiden’s next ability, Mass Repentance. This is a cast that will stun all players for 30 seconds. While the players are stunned, Maiden will shield herself and start casting Holy Wrath, an AoE damage spell that will kill all the party.

What the players must do, then, is quickly step into a puddle of Sacred Ground as soon as Maiden starts casting Mass Repentance. You just want to get the lingering damage. Once Maiden stuns the party with Mass Repentance, the lingering damage from Sacred Ground should break the stun almost immediately.

From here, it’s a race to deal enough damage to break Maiden’s shield before she casts Holy Wrath. Once the shield is down and Holy Wrath is interrupted, the fight continues as usual.

Tanks Keep Maiden more or less in the center of the room, so other players will have an easier time dropping their Holy Ground and returning to the fight.
Damage Dealers Save cooldowns to break Maiden’s shield quickly after Mass Repentance, and interrupt her casts of Holy Shock which deal increasing damage to the tank.
Healers Be ready for massive party damage as everyone steps on Sacred Ground, just before Mass Repentance is cast.

Moroes (The Banquet Hall)

Just to your left as you leave the Guest Quarters (via the same way you came in), you'll find a stairway leading down from the Dancing Hall into the Banquet Hall.

There are no notable trash encounters on the way, however you should clear both the area leading up to Moroes and the Banquet Room itself and pick up the ghost traps found in the corners of the room. These are easily identifiable as they are close to the gnome ghostbusters capturing random undead mobs.


The Moroes fight is all about clever management of the adds. The ghost traps you picked up previously can stun one of Moroes’ guests for 1.2 minutes, on a 90 second cooldown. This means that if you use all four traps at the start of the fight, and don’t manage to kill Moroes in 72 seconds, the party will be overwhelmed.

Note that there are six possible guests, but only four are active each week.

It’s easier to handle the adds two at a time - the tank pulls, and two players trap two guests. The party then kills the two “active” guests, and, if needed, the two players with their traps off cooldown can re-stun the two remaining guests later on in the fight.

If this is too taxing on the healer, an alternative is to stun three guests and kill off the remaining one fast, then pull one of the stunned enemies before the other stuns break. Hopefully, the second guest should be near death once the remaining two get free, and by then, one player should still be able to apply a final stun to one of them.

Lady Keira Berrybuck should be one of the first adds handled, as she buffs Moroes considerably - this can prove disastrous at later stages of the fight. If you are dealing with them in pairs, Lord Crispin Ference is a good one to pair her with, as his AoE frontal cone attack is very well telegraphed and easily avoidable.

Next, you should focus on Baroness Dorothea Millstipe, who will do party-wide AoE damage and drain your healer’s mana, but can be easily interrupted and killed fast. Of the remaining adds, Baron Rafe Dreuger should be taken next, as his whirlwind attack will wreak havoc on nearby players and often keep them from damaging their targets.

Lord Robin Daris and Lady Catrina Von’Indi are the least dangerous adds of all and should be kept for last.

After all guests are down, Moroes should prove pretty easy to beat.

Tanks Save cooldowns for when multiple adds need to be tanked, and to counter Moroe’s Coat Check ability which reduces armour by 75%. When pulling the next add, avoid using abilities that have splash damage, as they will likely release additional adds from their stuns.
Damage Dealers Use cooldowns at the start of the fight to burn down the active adds, and interrupt the casters as much as possible. Use a defensive cooldown to counter Moroes’ Garrote, which he applies constantly to random players.
Healers Dispel Coat Check from the tank as often as possible, and be aware that Moroes applies Garrote to random party members, dealing increasing amounts of damage the longer the fight goes on.

Once Moroes is defeated, he drops the keys to the tower which you can use to unlock shortcuts to other bosses, and access the bosses of the upper level of the tower.

You can head to the stables from here, but it’s easier to just get back to the entrance. You can do so by going up again from the Banquet Hall to the Dancing Hall, and then killing the few mobs that remain opposite to the stairwell. After that, head to the left from the spot where you first went right toward the Opera Hall.

Attumen the Huntsman (The Stables)

There are no notable trash encounters on your way to Attumen, but make sure to clear all the enemies around him before engaging, or they will be pulled during the fight which will almost certainly result in a wipe.

Attumen the Huntsman

This fight alternates between two phases, one where the boss is mounted and one where he's dismounted. On the first phase, Attumen will be riding Midnight, and there will be little to worry about besides his “Intangible Presence” curse. All players get a debuff from this, but only one is truly cursed - if the healer dispels the wrong player, the party will take massive damage.

The truly cursed player can be identified by a ghostly aura which surrounds the upper half of his or her character model. It’s useful to use voice chat so that the cursed player can identify themselves, as during the battle healer may be hard pressed to keep tabs on everyone.

During Phase 2, Attumen dismounts and attacks the tank directly, while Midnight - who can’t be targeted - harasses the party by setting up frequent charges that deal conical AoE damage in front of her.

During this phase, the tank must be moving constantly so as to stay away from Midnight’s front, positioning the boss in a way that lets damage dealers hit him without being endangered by Midnight.

Eventually, the boss will cast Shared Suffering, an AoE attack that can’t de dodged and deals fatal damage divided by everyone in the area. At this point, other party members need to hug the tank so as to share the damage - even a top-geared tank can’t survive it alone.

Once Attumen’s health is sufficiently low, he will mount Midnight and resume Phase 1, albeit with a twist. This time around, he'll periodically summon walls of spectral horses that will cross the arena. These will knock players around and deal massive damage, and players must find the gaps in the walls and position themselves there to avoid dying from it.

Tanks Constantly avoid Midnight’s front during Phase 2, and use cooldowns to absorb as much of the Shared Suffering damage as possible.
Damage Dealers Check for the Intangible Presence (via your character model - everyone gets the debuff mark on the top-right corner of the screen) and inform the healer if you have it. Cooldowns should be used during Phase 2 because this is the one where Attumen is actually damaged - Midnight will always regenerate to full health between each phase. Finally, it’s crucial to hug the tank during Shared Suffering.
Healers Be aware of the need to dispel the correct player during Intangible Presence, and of the heavy healing needed on the party after each Shared Suffering. Attumen will reduce the tank’s health by half with his Mortal Strike ability, so even well-geared tanks will need extra care.

This concludes the first part of our Karazhan guide, wrapping up the lower half of this intimidating dungeon. Forge ahead to the second part of our Return to Karazhan guide, were we detail tactics to deal with the four bosses in the upper reaches of the tower.

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