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World of Warcraft: Legion: Neltharion's Lair guide

Our guide to mastering Highmountain's 5-man dungeon.

Neltharion’s Lair is Highmountain’s 5-man dungeon, and it's the place where the Highmountain storyline reaches its climax, awarding the players the coveted Pillar of Creation known as the Hammer of Khaz'goroth. In our Neltharion’s Lair guide, we’ll give you tips and strategies on how to best tackle each of the four boss fights, along with any of the especially challenging trash encounters that you might face during the dungeon run.

Neltharion’s Lair is accessible in Normal Mode from level 98 and upwards, and in Heroic / Mythic / Mythic + modes for players with either the appropriate item level or a premade groups. It's featured in several Word Quests and Class Hall questlines, and will also be a required visit for many players hoping to find the best recipes for their professions. Expect to run this dungeon several times, with varying difficulty requirements.

Our aim in this guide is not to provide an exhaustive list of obstacles and enemy abilities, but to instead give you practical, actionable advice that doesn't overburden you and will still ensure a quick and successful run. This means we’re going to focus mainly on positioning and the specific roles each kind of character should play during each encounter: the big picture, instead of the minutiae.

In this first version of our Neltharion’s Lair guide, we’re covering Normal difficulty, but as usual the tactics are a valid starting point for the higher difficulties of Heroic, Mythic and Mythic +. Later on we will add more detail to this guide, with explanations of the new abilities acquired by enemies and bosses in these higher difficulties.

Rokmora - Strategy and Tips

Most of the enemies before the first boss are easily managed. There are two types of enemies, however, that the party should be wary of: Tarspitter Lurkers, who periodically use their Submerge ability to warp behind a player, and Vileshard Hulks, who deal high damage in a cone in front of them, and knock the tank back.

Players should be aware of the former, running away from them after they warp, as they will deal unavoidable damage in a small radius. They will also leave a damaging AoE on the floor once killed, so avoid killing them in the middle of the party! The latter should be tanked in such a way that they are faced away from the party, preferably with the tank’s back against a wall, to avoid the disruption caused by knockbacks.


Rokmora deals high damage in the direction he is facing, and spawns small Blightshard Skitters over the course of the fight. When killed, these Skitters leave behind a damaging poison cloud. Once Rokmora reaches maximum mana, he will cast Shatter, dealing high damage to the entire party and immediately destroying all Skitters, flooding the arena with poison clouds in the process.

Tanks should keep Rokmora facing away from the party, and try to pick us as many of the Blightshard Skitters as possible, keeping them on a single spot and adjusting as necessary so that melee damage dealers aren't in danger of touching the poison clouds. Rokmora’s most damaging attack, Razor Shards, can be dodged entirely with proper movement.

Healers should save their most powerful spells for dealing with Shatter damage, and keep an eye out for party members being attacked by untanked Skitters.

Damage Dealers should use their most powerful cooldowns at the start of the fight. They should also either prepare to kill or defend from untanked Skitters, or at least try to drag them near the tank for picking up.

The whole party should be aware that Rokmora will sometimes turn away from the tank to do his conical AoE attack called Razor Shards. This has a 3.8 second cast, and it can and should be dodged when it occurs.

Ularogg Cragshaper - Strategy and Tips

While there's a considerable amount of trash before the second boss, most of it can be bypassed by hugging the right wall from your point of entry into the dungeon’s section, and avoiding enemy patrols.

There are only two enemy types of note here: Understone Drummers, who run off to play drums which constantly summon new adds, and as such should be stunned / killed quickly, and Blightshard Shapers who summon totems that Petrify - a long duration stun - those players who don't move away from them. This petrification effect is not instant and affected players get a debuff which needs to stack 10 times before Petrification is applied. It should be dispelled by healers wherever possible, but the onus is on the tank and damage dealers to stay away from the totems.

Ularogg Cragshaper

Ularogg deals heavy tank damage while summoning totem-like Bellowing Idols that place a random AoE effect in the arena. He also marks random targets with Strike of the Mountain, spawning a set of stone hands that grab the target, immobilizing and damaging it. This ability can and should be avoided through correct movement and repositioning.

When Ularogg gains full mana, he enters Stance of the Mountain which is effectively the Shell / 3 Cup game often seen at fairs. Several Bellowing Idols will spawn and Ularogg - in the middle - will turn into one of them. The Idols will be shuffled several times, and players need to track and kill the one that is Ularogg in disguise. Until then, the party will sustain ever-increasing, unavoidable damage from falling debris.

Tanks should move Ularogg near the Idols so that damage dealers can cleave them with their attacks. Active mitigation / defensive abilities should be synced with Ularogg’s Sunder attack (his most damaging ability), which he uses about once every 2 seconds.

Healers should save their cooldowns for the Stance of the Mountain phase.

Damage dealers should try to use AoE or cleave abilities to strike both Ularogg and any Idols that are active.

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Naraxas - Strategy and Tips

On the way to Naraxas you will meet a new and very annoying enemy type, the Stoneclaw Grubmaster. He will periodically summon Tarspitter Grubs, who will in turn transform into Rotdrool Grabbers if not killed quickly enough. The Rotdrool Grabbers will place damaging AoE on the floor and drag players to stand on top of it, and are generally annoying and hard to kill. Make sure you kill the grubs to avoid facing this enemy.


Naraxas is a stationary boss at one end of the arena. Periodically, over the course of the fight, two Wormspeaker Devouts will enter the arena and sacrifice themselves once they reach Naraxas, increasing her damage by 15% for each successful sacrifice.

Naraxas will target random non-tank players with Rancid Maw, which will deal heavy damage to the targeted player and drop a toxic puddle at their feet. This puddle heavily slows down and deals damage over time to anyone who crosses it (including the Devouts). She will also affect random players with Toxic Retch, a dispellable poison effect that deals heavy damage-over time.

Finally, she will cast Spiked Tongue at the tank whenever she reaches full mana, dragging the tank toward her. If the tank is fully dragged to her, she will Devour him, gaining a 15% damage boost and most likely killing the tank in the process. When she is not casting Spiked Tongue / Devour - and if there is no-one in melee range - she will deal heavy, unavoidable party-wide damage. She will also gain Frenzy at 20% health, increasing her damage and attack speed.

The key to the fight lies in using the toxic puddles from Rancid Maw to the party’s advantage, dealing with the Devouts and Naraxas’ Spiked Tongue attack.

Tanks must run as far away as possible from Naraxas as she begins casting Spiked Tongue. Once the tongue starts dragging them in, they must keep running away and try to hit toxic puddles on their way down. This will deal damage but heavily slow the rate at which they are pulled. At all other times the tank must stay within melee range of the boss, or risk fatal party-wide damage. Defensive cooldowns should be saved for the Frenzy at 20%.

Healers must be ready for heavy tank healing during the Spiked Tongue attack, as the tank will ideally be purposely stepping on the damaging puddles. Expect heavy party-wide damage when Naraxas casts Toxic Retch, and dispel the poison debuff if able to do so.

Damage dealers should prioritize killing the Devout adds over everything else. When targeted by Rancid Maw, drop the toxic puddle either in the middle of the arena (to make it easier for the tank to hit them during Spiked Tongue) or in the path of a Devout, dealing extra damage and slowing them down.

Melee damage dealers must make sure they run away from Naraxas as Spiked Tongue ends, as if the tank is not within melee range by then, she will attack the closest melee target.

Dargrul the Underking - Strategy and Tips

The trash leading to the Underking is not particularly dangerous if you follow a couple of small pointers: the scorpion-riding Emberhusk Dominators should be tanked facing away from the party to minimize damage, but will still deal a considerable amount of damage to random targets so healers should be prepared.

The stone giants, Understone Demolishers, will eventually cast Burning Hatred on non-tank players, running after them. These players should not expect to survive a direct hit, and should instead kite them around the room while the rest of the party kills them - exercising due care so as to not pull any extra enemies!

Dargrul the Underking

Dragul the Underking deals exceptionally high tank damage with his Landslide and Molten Crash abilities, the former being a AoE in a straight line that can and should be avoided, and aimed away from the party. At the start of the fight and every 60 seconds, Dargrul will summon a Molten Charskin, which behaves just like the previously mentioned Understone Demolishers, with the important addition of dealing party-wide damage every second it remains alive. Killing them should be a priority.

Dargrul will also periodically summon a Crystal Spike under a player, dealing heavy damage. The Spike remains in the arena until destroyed, but deals no damage after erupting. A Spike will be destroyed if a Molten Charskin touches it, or if it is hit by Dargrul’s Landslide attack. When a Charskin destroys it, the Charskin will take increased damage, so this tactic may be used to facilitate killing the adds. The party should nevertheless endeavor to keep as many Spikes up as possible, as they will allow them to survive Dargrul’s ultimate attack.

At maximum mana, Dargrul will cast Magma Wave, dealing fatal damage to the whole party. This damage is unavoidable and unsurvivable by anyone, unless they are considerably overgeared for the dungeon. Players may protect themselves from it only by standing behind a Crystal Spike. Several players can stack behind a single Spike. At the end of Magma Wave, Dargrul will shatter all Spikes, effectively resetting the arena and continuing the fight anew.

Tanks must aim Landslide away from the party and any existing Crystal Spikes, and ideally sidestep it to avoid being knocked out of healing range. Immediately after Landslide, the tank should trigger an active mitigation ability, or else Dargrul’s Molten Crash will deal double damage and have a knockback effect. Finally, Dargrul should be tanked relatively closely to a Crystal Spike, so that the tank and melee damage dealers may find cover as soon as Magma Wave starts.

Healers should expect heavy drops in tank health on the Landslide / Molten Crash combo, especially if the tank fails the active mitigation timing. During Magma Wave, the tank and melee damage dealers may take heavy damage during their run to the Crystal Spike, if there isn't one close enough to the boss.

Damage dealers must always prioritize killing the Molten Charskin. If there are enough Crystal Spikes in the arena, the fixated player should kite the Charskin into one, so it will take extra damage. Never use damage cooldowns when Dargrul is close to 100 mana, as he will soon activate Magma Wave. During that period, survival is paramount and dealing damage will be very hard.

And thus ends our Neltharion’s Lair guide. Most of the tactics described above are equally valid for Heroic and Mythic modes, but we will soon make a revision to this guide with specific advice for tackling those difficulties.

In the meantime, please take to the comments to let us know what your thoughts are on this dungeon, and if there are any other useful tips that we've neglected to add in this Neltharion’s Lair guide!

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