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World of Warcraft: Legion: Dungeon guides

Strategy guides for all of the latest Legion dungeons.

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It wouldn't be a World of Warcraft expansion without a juicy roster of new dungeons to go pillaging and plundering through, and Legion's launch has brought with it a pretty generous collection of new group challenges for you to sink your teeth into. Some are available as you level, some are only available at Level 110, and a couple more are locked behind a little reputation farming.

As has become standard for a WOW expansion, there are easy-peasy Normal difficulty dungeons to explore, slightly-harder-until-you-get-a-little-gear Heroics, and then the mightier Mythic dungeons which should present more of a challenge for hardened veterans. Should you start finding even these a bit of a breeze, there are Mythic + dungeons to tackle, which escalate in danger as you complete each one within a given time limit.

Alongside these five-man affairs, there are - of course - a handful of raids to explore with much larger groups, even at this early stage of the expansion's life. At the time of writing this article, the first Looking For Raid wings have begun opening too, so there's no excuse for not jumping in and getting a taste of some of the more epic encounters contained in the expansion. Just hit up the Looking For Group tool once you've got an Item Level of 825.

On the subject of Item Levels, it's worth outlining what you'll need to achieve in terms of gear before you can tackle certain types of content. That's if you want to use Looking For Group to find your parties, of course - you can buddy up with friends earlier than your Item Level allows if you think you can overcome the challenge together.

Loot Item Levels

Different dungeon types will reward you with different levels of gear. Note that in the table below we've provided the base value of this gear. The Warforged system means that you have a random chance to receive more powerful gear, rising in increments of five Item Levels.

DifficultyLoot Item Level
Mythic Plus840+


Here are all of the dungeons currently available in WOW Legion. You can also browse our collection of dungeon guides using the links provided, so make sure you have a look through to stay on top of the latest tactics.

Black Rook HoldN 110, H, M, M+Black Rook Hold guide
Court of StarsM, M+Court of Stars guide coming soon!
Darkheart ThicketN 98, H, M, M+Darkheart Thicket guide
Eye of AzsharaN 98, H, M, M+Eye of Azshara guide
Halls of ValorN 98, H, M, M+Halls of Valor guide
Maw of SoulsN 110, H, M, M+Maw of Souls guide
Neltharion's LairN 98, H, M, M+Neltharion's Lair guide
The ArcwayM, M+The Arcway guide coming soon!
Vault of the WardensN 110, H, M, M+Vault of the Wardens guide
Violet HoldN 105, H, MViolet Hold guide


  • N = Normal
  • H = Heroic
  • M = Mythic
  • M+ = Mythic Plus

More WOW Legion guides:


Black Rook Hold - The entrance to this dungeon is located on the western coast of Val'sharah. It's quite a fiddly dungeon to navigate on your first few visits, so do some reading up on the layout if you're likely to be leading the group.

Court of Stars - You'll need to reach 8,000 out of 12,000 Honored with the Nightfallen to unlock this Mythic dungeon. You'll also need to finish the Nightfallen But Not Forgotten Achievement, and finish the Statecraft questline and the Friends With Benefits quest. Finally, you'll have to tick off the Blood and Wine and The Waning Crescenet elements of the Good Suramaritan Achievement.

Darkheart Thicket - While all of the boss fights in this dungeon are pretty easy to tank and spank your way through, there are a few twists and turns on this map that can wipe a group that treads somewhat indelicately through the undergrowth...

Eye of Azshara - A big open-air dungeon that requires some delicate clearing before it can be overcome. Do brush up on the boss fights here, especially if you're planning to tackle it on any kind of Mythic difficulty setting.

Halls of Valor - This lovely Nordic-themed dungeon can be a satisfying breeze to work through with a good team, or an absolute slog if party members take their eye off the ball - especially on some of the larger room clears. A personal favourite of ours from this expansion though.

Maw of Souls - Perhaps the fastest to run of all the Legion dungeons, although there are traps for the unwary regardless. The claustrophobic enclosures can make camera positioning a little tricky, and the vomit-breath of the final boss can cause all kinds of drama in a pick-up group...

Neltharion's Lair - This is another pretty zippy dungeon which shouldn't pose you too many problems. Make sure you brush up on the bosses before tackling it on Mythic mode, however, and be sure to shield yourselves from the Magma Waves on that final boss in particular.

The Arcway - Another dungeon that requires you to tick off a few Nightfallen challenges before you can set foot inside. See our notes on Court of Stars for an overview of what you need to do in order to unlock this second Mythic-only dungeon.

Vault of the Wardens - The layout of this dungeon can be quite confusing for the newcomer, and if you have to run back to the group on your first run, you may need some help navigating the lifts! Do read up on the Inquisitor boss fight, as it's a common wipe on harder difficulty settings.

Violet Hold - Reimagined for the Legion expansion, the Violet Hold is a lot of fun and promises to present a different challenge each time you enter, thanks to the randomised selection of bosses you'll face. We've got strategies for handling each one in our enormous Violet Hold guide!

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