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World of Warcraft: Legion: Warrior guide

Our regularly updated overview of the Warrior class in the latest WOW expansion.

The Warrior in World of Warcraft continues the proud tradition of the classic fighter RPG archetype, allowing for two distinct offensive play styles - the martial weapons expert Arms Warrior and the berserking Fury Warrior - and a third “defensive” tank style via the Protection specialisation. In this Warrior guide, we’ll give you the high-level overview of each spec’s playstyle and overall strengths and weaknesses.

This is a class that should be a top pick for players that have a love for melee combat of all kinds: dual-wielding, heavy two-handed wielding, sword-and-board battling - they're all present and accounted for. Warriors can also wield any kind of melee weapon, although different specialisations favour different combinations.

In WOW Legion, every Warrior specialisation has lost its Stance mechanic, a few aspects of which have been folded into passive abilities. Each spec has also been individually tweaked and tuned in order to provide a more unique play experience.

In the new expansion, the archetype's core fantasy has also been updated to be more closely tied with the scandinavian-inspired Titanic Watchers, a faction of Azerothian demi-gods. The leader of this group, Odyn, grants high-level Warriors command over the Skyhold, a divinely-crafted fortress that pays tribute to the great Warriors of Azeroth.

Regardless of your choice of Warrior specialisation, you can look forward to playing a very active melee character, with a decent amount of mobility on the battlefield. Thanks to their ability to wear plate and quality defensive cooldowns, they'll also you a high resilience to damage as this hero type.

Consider this guide your hub for all things Warrior - keep coming back over the course of the expansion, as we’ll update it early and often.

Editor's Note: Update #1 - Just in time for the latest patch content, we've polished and released our Protection Warrior guide. Head on through the link below to learn how to properly set the specialisation's talents for maximum tanking competence, discover the most efficient rotation, and master those all-important Protection Warrior cooldowns.

Fury Warrior

The Fury Warrior is a berserker dual-wielder. They are fast and furious Warriors that are at their best when cleaving through waves of enemies. At the core of their rotation and playstyle is the Enrage ability, which the Warrior can activate through critical strikes and which doubles their attack speed. It also makes them more vulnerable to damage at the same time, leading to a very high risk-reward dynamic.

At high levels, Fury Warriors quest for the legendary Artifact Weapons Warswords of the Valarjar, which gift them the powerful AoE ability Odyn's Fury, further increasing their already excellent multiple target damage.

While a very competent specialisation, they fall behind their Arms counterparts on current raiding content, due to the high prevalence of single-target fights - something for which Arms is better suited.

- Fury Warrior guide

  • Fantastic for leveling and questing.
  • Godlike against multiple targets.
  • Lowest survivability of the Warrior class.
  • Merely decent single-target performance.

Arms Warrior

The Arms Warrior fulfills the fantasy of the tactician and blademaster. Unlike their whirlwinding Fury cousins, Arms Warriors use their rotation to build up vulnerability windows in which they can use their best tools in order to inflict critical damage. It’s a much more measured, duelist-like approach to combat.

The Arms Warrior uses large two-handed weapons, and at high levels earns the Artifact Weapon Strom'kar, the Warbreaker, which boosts many of its skills but crucially also improves its sub-par performance against multiple targets.

Arms has a complex rotation that will take some time to master but wields very satisfying results, and is currently the optimal Warrior build for raids, due to the prevalence of single-target boss encounters.

- Arms Warrior guide

  • Single-target damage output.
  • Controllable damage bursts for exploiting vulnerability windows.
  • Complex, difficult to master rotation.
  • Merely decent multiple target performance.

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Protection Warrior

The Protection Warrior was World of Warcraft’s original tank class. While Paladins and Druids had tanking tools in the original game, it took some patches - or in the Paladin’s case, a full expansion - for them to be able to act as fully-fledged tanks. In the interim period, the Protection Warrior dominated.

The current Protection Warrior relies on using his shield and abilities to mitigate heavy incoming damage, abilities that are further empowered by acquiring the Artifact Weapon Scale of the Earth-Warder at high levels.

As it stands, and despite its lack of self-healing, the Protection Warrior is one of the most balanced tanks in the game, one capable of handling all kinds of content and every type of encounter.

Protection Warrior guide

  • Very smooth damage intake.
  • High mobility.
  • Reliant on partnering up with a good healer.
  • Low damage output.

And that’s the end of our Warrior overview for WOW Legion. Consider this guide your hub for all things Warrior, and check back often, as we’ll be updating it constantly.

In the meantime, please take to the comments to tell us about your experience playing this class!

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