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World of Warcraft: Legion: Class guides

Our updated class guides for WOW Legion, with talent builds, rotations and more.

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World of Warcraft's sixth expansion Legion is well into full-swing at this point, and players around the world are busy pushing their favourite classes through all of the new questing content, and in pursuit of the brand-new level cap of 110. We've been busy producing guides for each and every one of these classes, and we thought it might be useful to put them all together in one place, so you can dip in and out depending on your needs at any given time..

We intend to develop these class guides continually in the weeks and months ahead of us, and we'll be doing this as we also bring you guides to the other areas of the game: professions, dungeons, raids and so on. For the launch window though, we've focused on making sure that each of our class guides features the best talent build for levelling the class up nice and quickly, along with details of the optimal combat rotations you should be working on if you want to kill mobs efficiently.

In the very near future we're going to start adding essential tips for levelling up your Artifact weapon too, and then provide talent builds and combat rotations for each class' alternative specialisations. Updates after that will include advice on gearing up your characters for end-game raiding, prioritising stats, choosing the correct enchants and gems, and making the most of the many macros and addons that are avaialable to you.

In time, we hope these class guides will come to represent the very best content you can turn to for World of Warcraft, but to do that we also need your help! If there's something you'd like to see, or would like us to go into more depth on, please let us know in the comments. We'll do our best to accommodate these requests in the next update we dofor each class guide, and we're always do our best to answer your questions in the comments too.

Editor's note: Update #1 - We've not only expanded many of our existing class guides, but also added quite a few since we first published this hub guide to all things hero-related in WOW. We'll continue expanding our collection over time, so check back regularly for updates!

World of Warcraft class guides

Use the links below to access all of our WOW Legion class guides. These will all be updated frequently, so make sure you bookmark any favourites!

Death Knight

We recommend treading the Unholy path when it comes to levelling up your Death Knight.

- WOW: Death Knight guide

- WOW: Blood Death Knight guide

- WOW: Frost Death Knight guide

- WOW: Unholy Death Knight guide

Demon Hunter

We think Havoc's the way to go with the Demon Hunter when you're trying to level up quickly.

- WOW: Demon Hunter guide

- WOW: Havoc Demon Hunter guide

- WOW: Vengeance Demon Hunter guide


Fancy a change from Feral? Take a look at our Balance Druid guide.

- WOW: Druid guide

- WOW: Balance Druid guide

- WOW: Guardian Druid guide

- WOW: Restoration Druid guide


We reckon Beast Mastery's the way to go for levelling up in Legion.

- WOW: Hunter guide

- WOW: Beast Mastery Hunter guide

- WOW: Marksmanship Hunter guide

- WOW: Survival Hunter guide


Unsurprisingly, it's the Fire spec that proves most effective in the early days of Legion levelling.

- WOW: Mage guide

- WOW: Arcane Mage guide

- WOW: Fire Mage guide

- WOW: Frost Mage guide


If you want to reach Level 110 quickly with Monk, try the Windwalker spec.

- WOW: Monk guide

- WOW: Mistweaver Monk guide

- WOW: Windwalker Monk guide

More WOW Legion guides:


By the holy light! Here's everything you need to know about playing Paladin.

- WOW: Paladin guide

- WOW: Protection Paladin guide

- WOW: Retribution Paladin guide


Shadow's definitely the way to go when you're levelling the Priest, and our guide has all the details you need for doing so.

- WOW: Priest guide

- WOW: Discipline Priest guide

- WOW: Shadow Priest guide


Our Rogue guide currently focuses on levelling this class using the Outlaw spec.

- WOW: Rogue guide

- WOW: Assassination Rogue guide

- WOW: Outlaw Rogue guide


The first edition of our Shaman guide explains how to play the game with the Enhancement spec.

- WOW: Shaman guide

- WOW: Elemental Shaman guide

- WOW: Enhancement Shaman guide


Curses! Affliction Warlock's the way to go when you're working through the new content we reckon.

- WOW: Warlock guide

- WOW: Affliction Warlock guide

- WOW: Demonology Warlock guide


Fury Warrior should prove the most effective way of levelling through the Legion content.

- WOW: Warrior guide

- WOW: Fury Warrior guide

- WOW: Protection Warrior guide

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