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Valorant Error Code 43 - what is it and how to fix

It's a pretty easy fix.

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Valorant access is rolling out, but some of us have had a few problems with error code. Here's how to fix Error Code 43.

It's not a super difficult problem to solve, and you'll be back in the game in no time.

How to fix Error Code 43

Error Code 43 turns up when you're unable to connect to the game client. You'll see a screen similar to the one below if you fall victim to this evil fate.

There are a couple things to try when fixing Error Code 43.

First, try quitting the game client and relaunching it. This'll give the game another chance to connect, and can fix the problem super quickly.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out and you'll have to go through a bit more inconvenience. If Error Code 43 persists, you'll have to restart your whole computer. Shut your PC down completely and turn it back on. After this, Error Code 43 should be gone for the moment and you'll be able to play again - just don't forget to save your work before rebooting.

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