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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Spirits guide

Everything we know so far about Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits guide contains everything you need to know about primary and support spirits, as well as list of every spirit in the game.

Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are special power-ups comprised of Nintendo characters (and we’re talking thousands of them here...), and they’re a brand new way of augmenting your favourite fighters in the game.

You’ll unlock Spirits while progressing through the World of Light story campaign, as well as all manner of scenarios when playing the game solo or with friends. They come in two different varieties: Primary and Support.

Primary Spirits provide either an attack, defense or grab bonus to your chosen fighter. Support Spirits attach to certain primaries and grant your fighter special abilities.

There’s a lot to digest, so we’ve broken down everything we know so far about Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate below. As more clarification swings our way, we’ll update this page - stay tuned!

Please note that the content in this article is a combination of official and pre-released leaked information. The latter in particular is subject to change over time.

Spirits: Overview

Here’s a quick overview of what Spirits are, and how they function in-game.

  • Spirits can be thought of as “augments” that enhance your fighter in different ways.
  • Spirits are characters that span the Nintendo franchise. We’re talking the likes of “Party Phil” from Wii Party and “Winky” from Donkey Kong.
  • Spirits are split into two main categories: Primary and Support.
  • Primary Spirits can buff your fighter’s attack, defense or grab power.
  • You can attach up to two different Support Spirits to specific Primary Spirits. These add extra abilities to your fighter.
  • Spirits also serve other purposes too. You can feed them snacks to level them up, send them exploring in search of treasure, or even train them in the dojo.
  • If you don’t want a Spirit, you can choose to send it back to the spirit world. When dismissed, they’ll leave behind cores that can be used to summon new Spirits.
  • Primary Spirits have certain strengths based on their type, and you’ll benefit from equipping certain Spirits for particularly difficult battles.
  • Equipped Spirits also determine your team’s Power rating, which in turn, determines the rewards you’ll receive for beating certain stages. You’ll earn better rewards for defeating strong enemies, while lower rated foes won’t earn you as much.
  • Beat Spirit Masters and you’ll unlock new facilities which appear to be ways of customising your spirits with unique abilities.

If you’re after a nice video overview of what Spirits are all about, this video by ProsafiaGaming is a replay of the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer for the Spirits mode. It’s definitely worth a watch!

Spirit List

Do note that everything below is based on JACIEN's pastebin datamine and is pure spoiler territory.

There's no official information on the Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate currently, but all their names have been leaked.

Once the game launches, we'll update this section with info on their stats and abilities. For now, we've just got their names. The list is exhaustive to say the least (there are over 1000), so we've listed a small portion of them here. For the complete list, head on over to JACIEN's leak.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Bowser
  • Dr. Mario
  • Rosalina
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Sidestepper
  • Freezie
  • Eggplant Man
  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Super Star
  • Toad
  • Goomba
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Bullet Bill
  • Blooper
  • Lakitu & Spiny
  • Hammer Bro
  • Iggy
  • Wendy
  • Lemmy
  • Roy (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Larry
  • Ludwig
  • Morton
  • Boom Boom
  • Boom Boom & Pom Pom
  • Boo
  • Thwomp
  • Bob-omb
  • Chain Chomp
  • Nipper Plant
  • Kamek
  • Hothead
  • Wiggler
  • Banzai Bill
  • Mechakoopa
  • Chargin' Chuck
  • Wart
  • Birdo
  • Shy Guy
  • Pidgit
  • Mouser
  • Tatanga
  • Dry Bowser
  • Gold Mario
  • Fox Luigi

The official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits page is another great resource as well.

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