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PUBG's latest update adds two new vehicles and an improved Flare Gun

A big update with added flare.

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PUBG’s latest update has added two new vehicles to the Test Server, as well as new and improved Flare Guns which will be available in Public Matches.

There are also two new Vikendi exclusive vehicles available to try out on the Test Server: the Zima and the Snowbike.

The Zima is a trusty 4 x 4 which will replace UAZs on Vikendi. It’s still susceptible to a few slips on the ice here and there, but it’s going to be your best bet for maneuvering quickly across Vikendi’s snowy plains, compared to other vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Snowbike is - as the name suggests - a bike which handles snow particularly well. It’s replacing motorbikes on Vikendi, and what it lacks in durability it more than makes up for with its zippiness and maneuverability.

New and improved Flare Guns have also made a triumphant return to Public Matches. These will now only deliver a care package when used after the first blue zone phase, in order to prevent players from getting too much of an early game advantage.

On top of this, a message will now be shown on the UI whenever a nearby player successfully calls in a special care package, and an icon will be displayed on the map. However, calling in an armoured UAZ will not display a message on the UI or an icon on the map.

Of course, there are a whole host of other tweaks and improvements to be found in PUBG’s latest update. For a complete overview of all the performance improvements, new skin additions and upgraded Replay Editor functionality, make sure you head over to PUBG’s official blog post.

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