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PUBG's Erangel overhaul on test servers from June 8th

Official video provides our first look at the upcoming map makeover.

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We've heard chatter about a re-work for Erangel, the original PUBG map, for some time now but it looks as though the makeover will finally be available for testing in the very near future.

A determined data-mining effort over on Reddit several months ago uncovered a host of changes being made behind the scenes.

Now, an official video outlining the visual upgrade for Erangel has been published on the game's official YouTube channel (thanks, DotEsports). Here's how it looks:

As you can see from the video, the upcoming changes provide a huge improvement on visual fidelity, in terms of building textures and general environmental ambience.

According to the same report on DotEsports, the Erangel update will be introduced with Season 4, although PC players will be able to view the changes ahead of launch on the test servers, starting June 8th.

We'll add a post to the homepage as soon as we get more details of Season 4, and what we can expect to be added to PUBG along with this very welcome visual update.

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