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PUBG: Sanhok changes revealed ahead of final test phase

Take a closer look at the new and improved small-scale map.

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The fourth and final round of testing for the upcoming Sanhok map will begin later on this evening, and PUBG Corp has announced a string of changes for the final beta.

First of all, the general improvements made to the live game in this week's Update #14 have now also been applied to the test server. Check out that link for the full lowdown on the many quality of life/grenade improvements that have been made.

To make the new map look even prettier/deadlier, a number of environmental changes have also been made to Sanhok. Towns now have many more environmental elements to lurk within, the rugged rocky landscape looks a lot, well, rockier, and the various caves and ruins have been tarted up a little too.

Besides that, there's a handful of bug fixes and quality of life improvements that you can learn more about by reading the official announcement on the Steam store.

Sanhok will be added to the live game towards the end of June, and our Sanhok guide contains everything you need to know about the new small-scale map. If you want to try it out for yourselves ahead of launch, the test period kicks off at 7:00pm PDT tonight, which is 3:00am tomorrow in the UK and 4:00am in Europe.

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