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PUBG Corp and StarLadder announce the PUBG Europe League

First European PUBG esports league to begin in January 2019.

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Europe's first PUBG esports league has been announced by PUBG Corp, and in partnership with StarLadder.

The PUBG Europe League will see a total of sixteen teams compete regularly in a European studio created specifically for the competition. The best-performing teams will then progress to an international tournament, where the best squad from each region will go head to head.

Qualifications for the league will commence later in October and run all the way through until December. Exact details of who will make that qualification process have yet to be confirmed by PUBG Corp.

The announcement on StarLadder's website this afternoon states that the event is part of PUBG Corp's five-year plan to developer a sustainable esports infrastructure.

PUBG Corp will be providing housing and travel assistance to teams taking part in the PUBG Europe League, and players will also receive a share of the revenue generated by the competition. Again, full details of this remuneration have not been revealed at this stage.

Promotion and relegation will lie at the heart of the PUBG Europe League, and the franchise system popularised by the Overwatch League will not be part of PUBG's esports developments. Rather, PUBG Corp intends to allow players to progress through the system organically, develop as a team, and rise through the competitive ranks.

Those ranks will initially take the form of an Open League spread across three European regions. The top teams from this scene will then be promoted into the Contenders League which consists of 32 teams. The best sixteen from this round will then eventually make it into the PUBG Europe League proper.

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