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Patch 30 for PUBG adds Ledge Grab, Deagle, Radio Messages and new vehicle

Plus, gas cans can now be used as ignitable explosives!

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Patch 30 for PUBG is now live and it's a big one for the game that kicked off the battle royale craze.

First up is the BRDM-2, a new amphibious all-terrain vehicle which replaces the Armored UAZ. Not only does the new vehicle pack indestructible tires, it also has damage-reducing armor and much higher overall health. Useful for bypassing bridge camps and giving your opponent's a surprise!

The new Deagle weapon is a high damage handgun that can obliterate a Level 3 helmet in just two clean headshots. Watch out for the recoil though. It can hold seven rounds, or 10 if you have an extended magazine equipped.

The new Ledge Grab feature adds some new traversal opportunities as well. You can leap from roof to roof, or scramble up a rock outcrop to set up your sniper position.

A new Radio Message communication system is also now available in the game. This radial comms tool allows you to quickly access one of eight predefined messages: Enemy Spotted, Affirmative, Thank You, Need Med, Negative, Sorry, Need Ammo, Need Backup.

Finally, you can now ignite gas cans. Pop it on the floor, wait for someone to pick it up, then shoot the can to detonate your opponent's face.

You can view the official post announcing the new features over on the official PUBG site.

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