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OP Gaming Rangers become first PUBG Classic champions

Consistency is key.

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OP Gaming Rangers topped the leaderboards to win the FACEIT Global Summit, otherwise known as the PUBG Classic. The Korean side took home $150,000 in prize money and could very well be considered the best team in the world right now.

The road to the finals wasn’t exactly easy for the OP Gaming Rangers, though. The level of competition was fierce from Day 1, and at least a handful of teams could’ve taken the top spot given the minor point differences separating them all. EU’s Team Liquid and NA’s unsigned Shoot To Kill certainly gave them a run for their money.

In the final leg of the PUBG Classic, OP Gaming Rangers only won two out of 12 rounds. However, it was enough to take the crown as they’d shown brilliant consistency throughout the competition, almost always finishing within the top ten throughout the Elimination and Grand Finals stages.

Now that the confetti has settled, the OP Gaming Rangers will be immortalised in PUBG with a commemorative PUBG Classic in-game item. The PKL (Korea), NPL (North America) and PEL (Europe, Middle East & Africa) will also receive additional slots at the PUBG Global Championship thanks to the stellar performances of the OP Gaming Rangers, Shoot to Kill and Team Liquid.

Here’s a look at the final standings:

  • #1: OP Rangers – $150,000
  • #2: Shoot To Kill – $65,000
  • #3: Team Liquid – $45,000
  • #4: OGN Entus Force – $30,000
  • #5: Armory Gaming – $24,000
  • #6: Team VSG – $20,000
  • #7: Four Angry Men – $16,000
  • #8: Aerowolf Team One – $14,000
  • #9: Winstrike Team – $12,000
  • #10: Incognito – $10,000
  • #11: Tempo Storm – $8,000
  • #12: Cloud9 – $6,000

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