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New initiative announced to "Fix PUBG"

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PUBG Corp’s started up a brand new campaign to squash PUBG’s bugs once and for all. It’s called “Fix PUBG” and even comes complete with its own website where you can track the team’s progress.

While PUBG’s less glitch-ridden than it was when it first launched on Steam, it’s no secret that there are still many rough edges to iron out. All those who’ve been calling for PUBG Corp to “Fix the Game” incessantly since release, it seems like you’ve finally been heard.

In a lengthier blog post on Steam, PUBG Corp reiterates that it’s “entirely focused on addressing problems with the game, including bugs, long-needed quality-of-life improvements, and fundamental performance improvements.” It’s quick to mention that these tweaks will be hitting the PC version first before being “carried over to the Xbox version of the game as well”. This should at least provide some reassurance to those on Xbox that they haven't been forgotten.

Head on over to the Fix PUBG microsite and you’re immediately met with individual tabs showcasing all the systems it’s focused on improving and clicking on them will detail what the team's addressing or tackling next. There’s also a roadmap which lays out when the team’s planning on introducing certain improvements at a glance too.

It’s certainly impressive, but one can’t help but think that this should’ve been a main priority from the very off. Either way, we’re happy that PUBG Corp’s focusing its resources on addressing PUBG’s notorious jank once and - hopefully - for all.

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