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PUBG: The Best Melee weapon (PC, Xbox One)

Our pick of the best melee weapons you can find in the game.

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Our PUBG guide to the best Melee Weapons in the game covers the Crowbar, Machete, Pan and Sickle.

Not everyone gets lucky with loot when they land on terra firms, and sometimes you have to make do with what you’re given. In the worst cases, that could be a Frying Pan, Sickle or even a discarded Machete found lying in the middle of an unassuming living room.

Wielding a Pan and charging headlong at an enemy who's packing an Assault Rifle isn’t likely to end well for you, but in the early game you’ve got a much better chance of smacking opponents senseless as they won’t be sporting max level gear. Melee weapons are also great tools for knocking players out without creating a ruckus and attracting more attention. It’s in these two scenarios that melee weapons shine in PUBG.

There are currently four melee weapons in PUBG and it can be pretty hard to tell if one’s more powerful than the other. To help you get a sense of which melee weapons you should be picking up, we’ve put together a guide down below that’ll take you through them all in-depth.

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The Best Melee Weapons #2: Crowbar, Machete, Sickle

It might seem strange that we’ve slotted three of the four melee weapons into one ranking, but there’s actually no difference at all between these three. When comparing them all, we found that they all had the same range and damage statistics.

This comes as quite a surprise. You’d think the Crowbar might have better range than the Machete, while the latter would deal more damage - but nope. They’re all exactly as effective as each other.

Simply put, you’ll want to pick up any of these three and use them in the early-game as a last resort if you can’t find anything else. A couple of swings at an enemy that's not expecting it can bring them down surprisingly fast!

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The Best Melee Weapons #1: Pan

This is PUBG’s signature weapon, and the only melee weapon which can down an enemy in one hit - no matter what. It’s also worth picking up regardless, as it’ll act as a shield for your backside, pinging off bullets that would otherwise hit you in the rear.

Given the power of the Pan, it’s not quite as common as all the other drops, so you’ll have to root around in quite a few buildings to find one. Acting as a piece of extra armour and the ability to insta-kill? No wonder it’s the best melee weapon in the game.

If you need any more convicing on that front, make sure you watch the video we've posted below by PUBG TV. Not only is it hilarious, it showcases the Pan in all it’s clanging glory. Have fun!

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