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PUBG Leaderboard reset times: PST, CET, KST (26th / 27th February 2018)

Find out when the current leaderboard resets, wherever you live in the world.

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On this page you'll find details of the reset times for February's PUBG leaderboard, covering the US, European and Asian timezones.

The reset times for this month's PUBG leaderboard have just been announced on the game's official Twitter support account.

The current season will end at 6pm PST on February 26th - that's today, for those of you in the States. Elsewhere that time translates to 2:00am GMT on February 27th, which is 3:00am in Europe and 11:00am KST on the same date.

Any matches that you complete between the resetting of the currently leaderboard and the commencement of the next will be considered as unranked performances.

As for the start of the new leaderboard, that information has yet to be confirmed by developer Bluehole. We'll have a new post for you on the front page as soon as those details have been announced. Until then, enjoy the last few hours of the current season!

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