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PUBG: How to drive cars and bikes

Become a better driver with our tips and tricks for handling the most popular PUBG vehicles.

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Our guide to driving bikes and cars in PUBG will help you control bikes in the air, and significantly decrease your chances of crashing cars while traversing the map.

While much of your time in PUBG will be spent on foot, looting houses and attempting to gun down the competition whenever a delicious opportunity to do so presents itself, mastering how to drive vehicles can often mean the difference between winning and losing. There are many ways to gain an advantage in battle after all - even if that involves temporarily escaping the action at speed.

There’s quite a variety of choice when it comes to vehicles in PUBG, but the main two you want to be focusing on are cars and bikes. Although they're certainly available if an unusual circumstance calls for it, you simply won’t be using Jet Skis and Boats nearly as often as road-based vehicles- and they're much easier to control to boot.

Having said that, if you’re very new to PUBG, controlling cars and bikes can actually be extremely difficult. The game seems to have a habit of throwing an obstacle in your way which’ll cause your vehicle to completely flip over, or spontaneously combust altogether. Nothing lasts forever in PUBG - not you, and not your ride either!

This guide will help you reduce the risk of dying early to a random bump in the road, and gain much greater control over the way your bike maneuvers in the air. If you have any questions, just ask away in the comments and we'll do our best to help you out.

How to drive cars and bikes

Here's your one-stop guide to getting a handle over both of these vehicles in PUBG.

Controlling Cars

  • Movement on PC: [W] [A] [S] [D]
  • Movement on Console: [RT] + [Analogue Sticks]
  • Try and avoid catching too much air. We know it’s fun, but it also immensely increases your risk of blowing up or rolling out of control.
  • We recommend taking your foot off the accelerator when you’re cresting a hill. This will allow you to keep better control over the vehicle as you’ll come to a rest at the top and give you more options - either to scamper or hop out.
  • Try not to swerve too much if you’re under fire as you may completely spin out. Instead, it’s better to turn in one direction away from the enemy and commit to that movement. That way you’ll at least have a greater chance of disappearing out of sight, without putting yourselves at too much risk.
  • When you’re exiting a car, it’s better to either park outside a populated area and then walk in, or roll up next to a building which doesn’t have too many windows. Do that and you can swiftly park up outside and hop out without drawing immediate fire upon yourself!

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Controlling Bikes

Next up, let's take a look at what you can do to improve your handling with bikes.

We found this video by Liquid Blitz extremely helpful, so make sure you give it a watch if you’re still struggling to control a bike in PUBG!

  • Movement on PC: [W] [A] [S] [D]
  • Movement on Console: [RT] + [Analogue Sticks]
  • Leaning on PC: [SPACE] [CTRL] [Q] [E] - Back, Forward, Left and Right respectively.
  • Leaning on Console: [Left Analogue Stick]
  • It’s incredibly important to focus on leaning when you’re driving a bike. Practice keeping your bike upright in midair!
  • Always land on your front wheel and use either the [Left Analogue Stick] or [CTRL] to do this. Landing on the back wheel will increase your chances of the bike bouncing forwards and flipping out, leading to a nasty case of gravel rash.
  • Bikes with sidecars are pretty atrocious to handle all things considered, and are more difficult to control in the air - be warned before jumping into one, especially with a buddy.
  • If you’re flying towards a building, lean backwards using the [Left Analogue Stick] or [SPACE] and use your bike’s tires to soak up the impact.

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