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PUBG: How to create a custom match and server

How to get involved in custom matches.

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Our PUBG custom match guide contains everything you need to know about joining a custom server and game.

PUBG isn’t just home to the traditional Battle Royale experience, there’s also a whole host of other game modes you can get stuck into if you’re after a bit more variety.

In PUBG’s current state there isn’t an option for most players to create custom matches. It’s a feature that PUBG Corp is definitely thinking of introducing in the future, and it’s only a matter of time before absolutely everyone will be creating weird and wacky custom matches.

Although your options are a little limited, we’ve put together a guide that’ll explain how to create and join custom matches, as well as outline what sort of modes are on offer too.

PUBG: Custom Match Modes

There are a limited number of custom game modes to get stuck into on a regular basis. Here’s a list of them all so far:

  • Normal Mode
  • Zombies
  • War (Team Deathmatch)

With these being custom matches, the creator of the game will be able to tinker with game settings to add their own flavour.

PUBG’s also got an Event option which introduces a unique game type every Friday. It’s another great option for those of you looking for a twist to the Battle Royale experience!

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PUBG: How to create a custom match

You won’t be able to create a custom server or match just yet. It’s a feature PUBG will almost certainly gain in the future, but it may be a little while before it happens.

Currently, only PUBG Partners (streamers, influencers and the like) can create custom matches.

PUBG: How to join custom matches

Here’s how to go about joining a custom match in PUBG.

  • From the main menu, select the Custom Match tab along the top navigation bar.
  • Hit the Filter tab to the left, and filter by game mode. This’ll make finding a match type you want much easier.
  • Now, filter the results by Public only. This’ll make it so you’ll only search for games that anyone can join, as opposed to those which require a special password.
  • Flick through the resulting list of servers and keep an eye out for any that aren’t completely full. You’ll be able to tell by looking at the player count to the right. If possible, it’s worth selecting a server in your region for better connectivity.
  • Once you’ve found a suitable server, hit the join button until you gain entry.
  • Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work straight away. PUBG’s still a bit sketchy when it comes to loading you into a custom match, especially when many other players will be fighting for the same spots. Be patient and persistent - you’ll get there.

That concludes this page, but we'll be sure to update it as soon as PUBG gives everyone the opportunity to create custom matches - stay tuned for all the latest!

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