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PUBG: Global Invitational 2018 guide - Schedule, Teams and Results

Everything you need to know about PGI 2018.

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Our PUBG Global Invitational 2018 guide contains an overview of the event, with schedules, participating teams and results to be added as soon as the tournament gets underway.

PUBG esports has it’s biggest ever event just on the horizon. The PUBG Global Invitational or PGI 2018 will see the top 20 professional PUBG teams from across the world do battle for $2million in prize money, and it’s the the first major PUBG esports tournament hosted by PUBG Corp themselves.

Many aspects of the traditional PUBG we love to play will be tweaked for maximum watchability. The Bluezone’s being upped in pace and will now move faster during certain phases of the game to promote deadly meetings between teams. Scoring is also based off action, with points being awarded for eliminations and we’ll be able to see it all in both first and third person modes as well.

There’s a lot to take in, so we’ve put together a guide hub for PGI 2018 which contains a an overview of the tournament and how it works, along with a schedule, a complete list of all the teams competing and a results section that we’ll keep regularly updated as the tournament progresses.

If you're after all the tips, tricks and strategy advice you could possibly need, then head on over to our enormous PUBG guide hub!

UPDATE: This event has now concluded and you can find all the overall standings in the sections below.

PGI 2018: Tournament Overview

Here’s a brief breakdown of how the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 will work. More details will be added when we know more.

  • Begins on the 24th July 2018, ends four days later on the 28th July.
  • 20 teams, competing for $2million in prizes.
  • $1,000,000 each for both First Person (FPP) and Third Person (TPP) modes.
  • The tournament is split between two days of TPP squad battles followed by squad FPP over another 2 day period.
  • The Bluezone will move slightly faster during this tournament to promote action.
  • Teams will earn base points for their ranking at the end of each match, as well as additional points for kills.
  • Miramar and Erangel will be played. Sanhok will not feature.

PGI 2018: Participating Teams

Here’s a list of all 20 teams competing in PGI 2018.

  • Pittsburgh Knights (EU)
  • Welcome to South Georgo (EU)
  • Honey Badger Nation (NA)
  • Ghost Gaming (NA)
  • Team Gates (NA)
  • Avangar Gaming (CIS)
  • Natus Vincere (CIS)
  • Oyun Hizmetleri (MENA)
  • Savage esports (SA)
  • Chiefs esports Club (OC)
  • 4AM (CN)
  • OMG (CN)
  • GEN.G Black (KR)
  • GEN.G Gold (KR)
  • AHQ esports Club (AS)
  • Made in Thailand (AS)
  • Refund Gaming (AS)
  • Crest Gaming Xanadu (JP)
  • Crest Gaming Windfall (JP)

PGI 2018: Schedule

Below we’ve got the complete list of matches, dates and times.

All times are given as CEST. Subtract one hour for BST, nine hours for PST and six hours for EST.

24th July - Media Day

  • Opening - 14:00
  • Team Intro
  • Photo Session
  • Q & A

25th July - TPP

  • Opening - 17:30
  • Match 1 - 18:00
  • Match 2 - 19:00
  • Match 3 - 20:00
  • Match 4 - 21:00

26th July - TPP

  • Opening - 18:00
  • Match 1 - 19:00
  • Match 2 - 20:00
  • Match 3 - 21:00
  • Match 4 - 22:15

27th July - FPP

  • Match 1 - 15:00
  • Match 2 - 16:00
  • Match 3 - 17:00
  • Match 4 - 18:00

28th July - FPP

  • Match 1 - 15:00
  • Match 2 - 16:00
  • Match 3 - 17:00
  • Match 4 - 18:00
  • Awards - 19:15

PGI 2018: Results and Standings

Overall Day 1 + 2 (FPP)

Team Liquid322054
Welcome to South Georgo287549
Natus Vincere237050
AVANGAR Gaming222541
Ghost Gaming198034
Honey Badger Nation189023
Pittsburgh Knights184535
Gen.G GOLD147022
Refund Gaming146030
Gen.G BLACK135032
Chiefs Esports Club111517
Team Gates103529
Crest Gaming Windfall96515
Crest Gaming Xanadu92523
ahq eSports Club7758
Savage Esports77012
Oyun Hizmetleri65014
Made in Thailand (MITH)4305

Day 2 (TPP)

Gen.G Gold324061
Team Liquid263532
Welcome to South Georgo259540
Pittsburgh Knights209041
Gen.G BLACK201041
Made in Thailand (MITH)192543
Ghost Gaming177043
Chiefs Esports Club138024
Natus Vincere134528
Savage Esports133536
ahq eSports Club126013
Crest Gaming Xanadu116520
Honey Badger Nation108017
AVANGAR Gaming103530
Oyun Hizmetleri100519
Crest Gaming Windfall9409
Refund Gaming91024
Team Gates63014

Day 1 (TPP)

Here are the standings after Day 1.

Gen.G BLACK172030
Team Liquid168522
Pittsburgh Knights132031
Ghost Gaming127524
Gen.G GOLD110022
Welcome to South Georgo102517
Savage Esports81519
Crest Gaming Xanadu77014
Made in Thailand (MITH)75517
Natus Vincere66514
Chiefs Esports Club56010
Honey Badger Nation5208
ahq eSports Club4856
Oyun Hizmetleri40010
AVANGAR Gaming32510
Crest Gaming Windfall3006
Team Gates1802
Refund Gaming1105

Where can I watch PGI 2018?

PGI 2018 will be streamed over on PUBG Corp's official Twitch page.

We've embedded their channel below so you can catch the action right here.

Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest updates!

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