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  • slyeyes 2 years ago

    Also sorry if my long post came across as angry or mean spirited, I really didn’t mean it that way, I’m just passionate and wanted to explain my opinion. (and it’s 4 in the morning help me).

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  • slyeyes 2 years ago

    Hey, I’d like to respectfully say that I think this article is dumb, and the idea of an overwatch tier list is a silly idea.

    Quick tangent before I get into the meat of it, but the reason GOATS is still prominent in OWL and we aren’t seeing a ton of Bap or other stuff is because for months all the pros have just been practicing goats. The coaches aren’t going to call for a swap after they’ve been practicing for so long. Actually the whole part talking about what’s meta and what the pros are doing is annoying and misleading to me simply because organized team play is vastly different from ladder play and shouldn’t even be counted when trying to make a “tier list” in the first place.

    So the reason I think a Tier List is a dumb idea for Overwatch is because every character is viable, and every character can be effective against characters they counter and comps they counter. Not only that but ladder play is different from team play and low elo is different from high elo. You could make a case to argue for every single hero that’s not in “Tier 1.”

    Wrecking ball? His recent shield buff is insane and he is so good at displacing and making space. Easily a higher tier.

    Sombra? Broken. You can have a game winning ult every other fight and contrary to this article, she is not highly situational. You can use her against any comp on any map (unless you get countered) because her ult literally just nullifies abilities.

    Orisa and Bastion are both extra prevalent in the current Bunker comps, Hanzo and Widow are both incredible picks as they are one shot characters... Baptiste is incredible.. they’re all pretty incredible picks.

    In fact the only ones I would really steer away from are:

    Moira: because when you have the option for Ana/Bap/Mercy why would you go Moira? She offers no utility compared to the other three. You can argue her healing but supports are supports not healers, utility is necessary.

    Tracer: because her pulse bomb is basically nullified with it’s weaker damage. (A Widowmaker headshot does the same amount of damage as her pulsebomb) And flankers have fallen off even more because of Baptiste.

    But even then these picks can still thrive with good gameplay and into the right comp.

    The reason tier lists work for games like League of Legends, is because in League of Legends there are no hero swaps and balance patches are pushed out every two weeks. In Overwatch, updates are scarce and actively switching to counter your opponent is encouraged. Therefore the ‘tier list’ means basically nothing.

    A “Tier 4” Soldier easily counters a “Tier 3” Pharah.
    A “Tier 5” Sombra easily counters a “Tier 2” Dva or a “Tier 1” Reinhardt.

    And if you were to argue that Soldiers can’t always hit Pharahs or something similar then I would agree, but that just proves that a tier list is even more silly because clearly personal skill weighs so heavily into a matchup. If you wanted to create a ‘proper tier list,’ you’d want to compare every hero at the same “ideal skill level.” (which by the way that would instantly bump Widow and Hanzo to ‘Tier 1’ because of their one shot attacks) Additionally, you’d also need to create separate lists for Low Elo and High Elo. (Hint, Reaper and Pharah are widely more picked in low elo than in high elo.)

    Additionally, throughout this article you keep writing about “the meta” when it doesn’t matter because the majority of Overwatch ladder players don’t even play meta anyway. Off meta picks are extremely viable. Everything is extremely viable. Because ladder play is scuffed and swapping heroes is encouraged. Not only that but some heroes are better on certain maps too. A lower tier Mei can easily dominate a highest tier Reinhardt on Hanamura.

    In conclusion: I think the whole idea of an Overwatch tier list is dumb and misleading. Because every hero is completely viable. You just need to know when to play them and how to play them. It’s less about who you play and more about HOW you play. And you keep going on about the meta and what the pros do but what the pros do doesn’t even matter because organized play is SUPER different from ladder play. And low elo is even more different from high elo.

    I suggest scrapping the whole tier list. This isn’t league or dota. Counterpicking your opponent is super encouraged. Instead of going on about “what heroes are best” (because it’s super situational and depends on the map, your team, and the opponents team) I would just keep the guides and instead make a post covering meta team comps and how to counter them. (Bunker, Dive, 3 forms of goats, triple tank dive, regular dive, orisa/hog, rein/zarya, etc.) Or, even better, make posts on good synergies and which heroes to pick for which situations since that’s far more helpful than trying to say “what’s good and what’s bad.” Or write posts on game sense, ult tracking, positioning, and healing priority.

    There’s so many better posts you could have made instead of this one. I get the effort, but it’s a silly thing to make about a game that relies so heavily around counters.

    Thanks if you read this far. I’m passionate about this so I made an account just to type this reply lol. Sorry for any spelling errors. I play in high elo and i just... don’t get this. I could write a lot more but this is too long already. :( This frustrates me and just makes me want to write my own guides.

    Posted in Overwatch Tier List Season 21 (April 2020) - Best hero characters

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