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  • sh0opdaw0op 5 years ago

    I note that Divine Favor is out of the list in this most recent update. That's the slot I'm least sure about. I've played this deck and this deck only for the past 2 seasons, and the one thing I can say is that there is the potential to play out your hand extremely quickly and be in top deck mode by turn 7 onward if you draw into a lot of secrets. Divine Favor can draw you into gas just when a control deck (namely Renolock these days) is about to turn the tables. That said, I'm currently not running it, but always debating it.

    Posted in Secret Paladin deck list guide - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone (April 2021)

  • sh0opdaw0op 6 years ago

    Any reason for dropping Dr. Boom in favor of Sylvanas this month? I like that she makes the deck BGH-proof, but Dr. Boom can help control the board as well, if not better in some circumstances than her, and is much more threatening of a presence if pressure is needed to close the game.

    Posted in Midrange Paladin deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (April 2019)

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