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    Your list seems okay but a couple changes I'd recommend.

    1) You have 2 stitched trackers AND 2 tracking. I would drop 1 of each, or keep 2 tracking and drop both stitched trackers. You could pick up a 2nd Golakka and a Bonemare.

    2) Jeweled Mccaw. Switch them to firefly. Fire fly gives a stronger board presence and fills in those odd mana gaps that might occur. I use to run Mccaw as well but I lose board control too easy, especially against Rogue which is popular in the meta.

    3) UtH. Personally I don't run this card but that's subject to change if zoo lock gets popular. It's often a dead card or over costed card. I'd replace it with alpha wolf.

    4) Spell Breaker. A good tech choice, but I'm not sold on him. No beast synergy and can be overcosted in some matchups, especially priest. I'd replace with a 2nd alpha wolf.

    Your deck is better suited for a slower meta as it currently stands. I can't see it being competitive against rogues, shaman, and zoo locks. As hunter, you can't afford to lose board control (hence why fire fly is a solid choice). You need efficient minions.

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