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  • murlocs4life 5 years ago

    Hey dude, I've been playing this deck for a while now as its a bundle of fun. The reason for there being only 5 Murloc's, is the fact you only need the ones which will increase your combo when you play Anyfin can Happen. Having extra Murlocs simple decreases the guarantee of a big charge based combo.

    For example:

    Playing 1st Anyfin. If you have played one of each Murloc before turn 10, this will give you 4 and 6 instant attack. This would be the minimum I would recommend before you play Anyfin. I will use this as board clearance sometimes.

    So when you play the second Anfin, the combo will increase to 6,6,10,10. This is only increased by the second Murloc warleader which at this point we have not included :)

    So the deck is based around the ability to draw and stall until you play both of your Anyfins and OTK your opponent.

    If you check here: this will tell you exactly how the card works.

    I hope this helps you

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