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UI Designer at Blizzard Entertainment. Opinions are my own.

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  • morley83 5 years ago

    Played a decent chunk of this deck today (minus alexstraza, still haven't got her!) and it worked really well. The only criticism I have is that it's possible to get a really awful draw. The only times I lost were games where I had high cost cards choking my hand throughout the early game. Only happened disastrously in 2 of my 20 or so games though, so not too bad.

    Posted in Dragon Paladin deck list guide - Descent of Dragons - Hearthstone (December 2019)

  • morley83 5 years ago

    Gonna try this one! The warrior cards in brm seem really powerful

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Senfglas Grim Patron Warrior

  • morley83 5 years ago

    Might be worth mentioning the pyromancer->equality combo - cheaper than the consecrate variant, but a full board clear. Useful for resetting tempo against aggressive decks. Since Paladins frequently play control, this will often work in their favour.

    It would also be useful here for some basic info about the common deck archetypes for each class - eg Paladin Control, Paladin Agro - or what combos these decks usually are built around. Personally I like to play a Paladin with a very slow burn, difficult to remove cards like harvest golem, building to a lot of super-powerful minions and big heals to finish up the late-game.

    Posted in Hearthstone Cheat Sheets: Paladin Edition

  • morley83 5 years ago

    Well, I played this deck without a loss from 18-14 , so it seems pretty strong! (I haven't played much this or last season, hence the low start). In the end I ran afoul of a hunter that busrt me down. Imp-losion is dangerous there! Pre-GvG i took a zoo-lock to rank 4, and I miss the power overwhelming/nerubian egg/void terror combo from that. I might look to modify this deck a little, drop one or both imposions for void terrors and get a darkbomb in there somewhere, see how that fares.

    Posted in Zoo Warlock deck list guide - Ashes of Ourland - Hearthstone (April 2020)

  • morley83 5 years ago

    Good stuff, haven't developed my decks much since GVG launched, I might take this for a spin and see how it fares

    Posted in Zoo Warlock deck list guide - Ashes of Ourland - Hearthstone (April 2020)

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