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  • mipwns 5 years ago


    Sometimes I have the feeling you guys think it's all just a game.

    Posted in Metabomb is on a short holiday

  • mipwns 5 years ago

    You don't play the game that way Pay!. Now be a good dwarve and improve your ways around the Hearth. Immediately make Tirion enter this room or I will have to discipline you.

    ANd never ever say those disgusting common words again.

    Posted in Hearthstone Hero guide: Paladin

  • mipwns 5 years ago

    Thanx Blizzard. You made an already perfect world even a little more beautiful.

    I played it and it's such a rewarding new game experience. This is some decent core gameplay improvement. 1,99 gives my life here at the Hearth a new satisfaction layer that i wasn't aware it even existed.



    Posted in Pack price increases heading to Europe

  • mipwns 5 years ago

    Well...ehm...ok a guess.

    Let's say I hope an Arena run will not change to 9,99 in 3 days from now.

    Suddenly it's so clear to me that I;m part of a world that lacks the demcratic feauture.Some times I play this weird Phantasy game called "real world" They know a certain principle called democracy and it works in a way that it's not possible to see everything disappear in 5 seconds from surreal..Obviously this game developer believes in fairy tales....the Hearth has some awkward nerds walking around these days.

    Posted in Pack price increases heading to Europe

  • mipwns 5 years ago

    Yups White Eyes is the card that makes the control Shaman strategy come together. Apart from that card this deck is designed to serve Hallazeal the Ascvended in Healing as you cast you AOE spells. I'd say leave out 1 or 2 Devolve's and/or a Jade Lightning card.

    This deck tells the story of Shamans retarded nephew, Mr. Shame-on.

    Posted in Overload Shaman deck list guide - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone (April 2020)

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