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  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    I'm having a good run with a Rogue C'thun deck I made from scratch:


    2x Backstab - Amazing card at 0 cost, works great with combo cards (SI:7, lol).

    2x Shadowstep - This card is truly amazing. Use it on nearly any of the Battelcry cards below (from here on known as "SS"). Also costs 0, which can be amazing.


    2x Beckoner of Evil - Gotta beef up that C'thun, 2/3 for 2 isn't a bad start!

    1x Twilight Geomancer - C'thun with Taunt isn't a bad thing and I've yet to see a Black Knight. Only costs 2 and is a serviceable 1/4 Taunt. Could be replaced, but I like him.


    2x Shadow Strike - This card just destroys. It really does. 5 damage for 3 mana.

    1x Brann Bronzebeard - He's a staple in any C'thun deck imo (and for obvious reasons I would hope).

    2x Disciple of C'thun - Does 2 damage to anything, beefs up C'thun, and still a 2/1 on the board. He's great combined with the other damaging mechanics in this deck (including your hero power)

    2x SI:7 Agent - Everyone knows this card if they play Rogue. Never a bad target for SS!

    1x Twilight Elder - A 3/4 for 3 that beefs up C'thun. Gotta get that C'thun beefy (and at 10 asap for some cards).


    2x C'thun's Chosen - As always, beefing up C'thun = good. A 4/2 Divine Shield is also very handy to have around! Divine Shield can really shine with 4 power behind it.

    2x Tomb Pillager - a 5/4 for 4 isn't bad at all. It can take out tough creatures and if not dealt with asap can really damage the face. On top of that we get a coin for an early C'thun or any of the increasingly awesome drops past this point.

    1x Xaril, Poisoned Mind - I didn't think this would be as awesome as it is when I first saw it (as opposed to nearly everyone else, lol), but he is awesome.


    2x Crazed Worshipper - A 3/6 with Taunt that beefs up C'thun when it takes damage. I kind of overlooked him for a while but he really works out well. Taunt can be quite a nuisance when the board is being controlled well as Rogue can do!

    2x Dark Iron Dwarf - Very underrated card imo. This is one of my favorite SS targets a turn or 2 later if he is still on the board with more fresh drops to damage.

    2x Shadowcaster - Outside C'thun, this works like SS with a 4/4 body on the field. It really works great in this deck! (Now known as SC).


    Twin Emperor Vek'lor - A staple in any C'thun deck. He's a beast. An amazing pick for either SS or SC.


    Blade of C'thun - It is a bit costly, especially for a 4/4. But the time you can cast it you will usually kill something awesome and man will you beef up that C'thun! Oh...and did I mention SS and SC!!!!! I mean, it's insane. My #1 favorite SC target and #2 for SS behind C'thun.


    C'thun - Well, he is the centerpiece after all. Everyone knows C'thun's awesomeness. Seriously though...Blade of C'thun can make this guy so ridiculously powerful...And yeah, the dream is C'thun > SS > C'thun. They can't kill it, entomb it, uber punch it, etc. You cast it again and win. End of story.

    I am loving this C'thun. I've beaten every other C'thun, control decks, rushing/zoo decks, freeze mage, etc. It rocks. Obviously I've lost some but this deck has no true achilles heal.

    Posted in Best Rastakhan's Rumble Decks - Hearthstone

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    @joshlynn30 I've had plenty of success with this deck. It isn't the powerhouse it use to be but can still get out of hand really quickly if the opponent does not have an answer to your patrons. Timing is key with this deck as well.

    Posted in Midrange Patron Warrior guide - March 2016

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    @jasonsnodgrass44 Yeah, I'm really liking Tomb Pillager as well. Another card that I've been using in rogue decks is dark iron skulker. I've been using both these cards in pretty much any rogue deck lately.

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Oil Rogue - February 2016

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    @Gargantuar01 I counted 30 as well. Even if it did have 29, pretty sure most people could figure out a last card. But yeah, there's 30.

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Hybrid Hunter - February 2016

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    @Bedders That sounds awesome! I really like this site and the work you guys do! I can't wait for the new standard mode and the new metas we will see with its arrival.

    Posted in Best Rastakhan's Rumble Decks - Hearthstone

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    @TTelion I agree with hammer. One suggestion would be sludge belcher, but sylvanus is still a lot better.

    Posted in Deathrattle Rogue deck list guide - Descent of Dragons - Hearthstone (December 2019)

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    Hey guys. I found a Raptor Rogue deck that plays really well and is a lot of fun. I know there use to be one on here. This is Fade2Karma's Chalk's build from BlizzPro:

    I had a lot of success with it, you guys should check it out and maybe add it to the Rogue list!

    Posted in Best Rastakhan's Rumble Decks - Hearthstone

  • minddrifter 6 years ago

    @Dr-Rodrigo Ancient of War is still a top quality card. I wouldn't dust it.

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Midrange Druid - February 2016

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