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    Order from best to wtf of heroes and each of their strongest and weakest characteristics.

    Player - good / bad
    Lucio - team buff / low health
    Wins - mobility / low dmg output
    mei - stall power / slow
    Reaper - ult&dmg / range
    McCree - stun / squishy
    Reinhardt - shield / range
    Zarya - essentially invincible / speed
    Mercy - ult / terrible dmg
    Hanzo - HUGE dmg output/ poor in close quarters
    Road hog - hook stuns!?! / slow and no range
    Tracer - mobility / health
    Dva - well rounded
    Zenyatta - ult / squishy
    Soldier - heal plus ult combo /
    Genji - deflect / medium quarters only
    Junk Rat - super good / easy to counter
    Pharah - flying or ult / easy target for snipe
    Widow-maker - needs: better ult (shows each characters critical spots also?), ability to do some collaterals
    Bastion - Let's your friends use him to learn how to play and that's about it.
    Torj - too easy to counter
    Symmetra - turrets are too weak for high skill levels teleporter is worthless for an ult (not even as good as Lucios passive)

    Posted in Overwatch Tier List Season 21 (April 2020) - Best hero characters

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