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  • loudmouth32 4 years ago

    Can anyone help me to beat the Aggro Shaman as a Hunter?

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  • loudmouth32 4 years ago

    In my opinion I am very disappointed. For the past few moths I was really starting to enjoy Hearthstone as a game that seemed much more balanced and creative. Hearthstone has always been that game that I go to when I want to play something that is both laid back and fun but also can be very competitive. In my eyes Hearthstone was really just beginning to come out of it's premature toddler years as a game and enter adolescence. I feel that this is something most other games haven't yet done despite being out for longer than Hearthstone. Look at League of Legends, yes the two games are completely different in play style, but League is a game that has been out for a very long time and is still a cespool or over powered meta breaking characters that never truly find balance. Hearthstone finally seemed to be on the verge of becoming a great game that was fun for all players. As for the argument that it was hard for new players to get into the game that goes for any game in the world that has any sort of expanding universe. That being said it's not impossible to get started. When I first started playing I hated the game. I thought it was way to hard. The game seemed to be this giant mountain of cards that I would never get to the top of. Yet here I am playing on a daily basis with a pretty good idea of how the game works and a pretty good ranking to back me up. I'm by no means the best player but I overcame the fears of being a new player and now place around rank 14 to rank 12 each season. And I've been steadily improving.

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