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    Brigitte was tier 1 at release, but after the nerf and the meta change in general, she is still tier 2, but her lack of consistent healing means she only works in specific comps (or as a counterpick to dive). I would not place her above Zenyatta necessarily.

    Pharah is tier 3 at the highest (not tier 2). Very useful in niche situations, and as a counterpick, but gets weaker as the tiers get higher and Widowmakers can aim better.

    Soldier is not tier 2 (maybe tier 4). Maybe in Bronze/Silver/Gold he is high-tier. But the problem is that there is a better DPS for every situation (i.e. Hanzo for burst damage or Tracer/Genji for mobility/flanking). Soldier gets mauled in the frontline and dived in the backline. And he can't contest snipers.

    Reaper is low tier - not mid-tier. There is a better DPS for every situation. He has a big hitbox, moves slowly for a flanker and unlike other flankers, must be extremely close to deal any damage. He also has one of the easist to counter Ultimates in the game.

    DVa at tier 3 is underrated. While comps are more static and Brigitte exists, she still is often used as the the 3rd tank to round out the triple tank line-up with some mobility, burst damage and damage negation. She negates ultimates or at least limits where/when they can be positioned - even at the pro level.

    Doomfist is not low tier - in fact he's stronger than most of the DPS heroes ranked above him. He has a low pickrate due to his very high learning curve, but he is arguably the best flanker in the game due to his superb mobility, tankiness, ability to be used for anti-dive/backline protection and ability to be played in brawly comps with his team. The ammount of combos at his disposal is insane, alongside an Ultimate that saves his life, nets him a kill, restores a portion of his health, gives him great mobility, zones the enemy team out and prepares him for his next dive.

    Hammond is not as bad as people say, but ranking him higher than Orisa, Roadhog and Winston is a stretch when we haven't seen him perform much yet. The tanks are mostly in a balanced postion at the moment. Winston is arguably a superior dive-tank to Hammond due to much quicker mobility when diving and, of course, being a shield tank that disrupts the sightlines of DPS/snipers.

    I do agree with the majority of choices on this list. Sombra has been seen in high level play a lot recently, but she still requires teamwork that most people will never find to make her as good as other DPS. On certain maps, Bastion is very strong, but in general I would agree with the bottom tier.

    Widowmaker as mid-tier is a tough call because the variance between a casual, mid-level and pro Widow are vast.

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