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  • cailean-MacAnndraigh 2 years ago

    On the surface it all. Sounds good. But so farbungie has delivered very little and what is is of por quality .. in other words. The game thus far has been found wanting , and thus far bungie has not been or shown us much in. This game orits integrity .. D1 was of to a slow problematic start but quickly I'm provedandby yearthree it was the bee's knees D2 is nothing in comparison . It is however excelling in disappointment. Looking at. Game stats from Destiny tracker. It sows 8.8 mill registered players. And the number clearly show about 9% playing and thats giving the stats and numbers all the benefit... in other words Destiny two is played by very few.. i have been playing destiny since day one and i. Now find more new players than veterans. And none of my friends still play .. most simply do not trust bungie after the plethora of lies and deceptions .. may 8th will show th reality of it all .. i personally do not think bungie will ever see its Destiny numbers return to the days of old.. gamers are finicky and at times unreasonable or realistic that said they are also th game world and when they quit they normally do not return.. as for me i now play part time as opposed to full time in D1. I await may 8th if this becomes the troublesome let down of CoO and the D2 campaign and end game. I will not stay either for September dlc. No more wasted time. I will patiently await Anthem as i feelthis will be the next step in gaming popularity Lastly D2 and bungie promised new foe's new maps new weapons new content new every thing. What we have are small new areas few new weapons no new enemy and loads or recycled D1 , to me D@ is Jumped up D1 graphically Improved and dumbed down to mind numbing levels or utter boredom .. D2 is dying if not already dead. It needs the Lazarus affect or A miracle to survive

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  • cailean-MacAnndraigh 2 years ago

    I have not completed any raid in D2. Lately there is simply not enough interested players . Ive gotten to the last phase on several occasions only to be removed so the raid leader can bring in a friend or clansman to get the raid completion .. guided games is a flop and the game has become a boring i hold little hope for fallen war mind.. no new enemies and the hype is not convincing .. ill play the DLC as i paid for it when i got D2. But if its like the game to date.. ill be leaving and waiting for my copy of ANTHEM ... tis raid is not as good as any of the D1 raids it goes no where near matching the kings fall. Not even close.. i hope bungie this snot just more lies and hype.. it will end you project it it is...

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  • cailean-MacAnndraigh 2 years ago

    I have been a loyal and dedicated destiny player.. day one to the end when destiny 2 came out. , like many i bought the hype and went for the best pancake he including DLC's and gifts. i have been sorely disapointed CoO was an is an utter flop rip off and worst of all i soloed every aspect to include heroic events and missions quests .. and I'm not a Great player I'm a good average player. Since month two of destinytwo the player base has dropped severely.. in the past 3 months ov seen an all time high of 12% of the registered players playing on the best day.. the game s is NOT healthy its not engaging its not fun and its not a challenge.. Iam waiting for ANTHEM. I already purchased it . Deliver or i leave as well

    I'm also not buying he Hype and BS this time. Yes i will play the DLC on the 8th of may and yes i will play it all .. but bungie be warned. If this is like the games first campaign i completed SOLO and in less that a day by a great deal in fact it took me just hours like 4.5 i was at level 25 in a day of hard. Playing and at 400 in three weeks .. were is the content you promised " Players will complain there is to much content". Did not happen.. the game is nearly toxic and iam disappointed it was so. Bad my clan of 70 dropped to 30 in 2 weeks as players quit destiny 2 and finally closed it after realising i did not have enough players for a Raid and only just enough fr anightfall. Of my friends on line only one still played destiny and he only rarely .. the game is not Healthy the players are not enjoying. i do not think they will come back to pay fora another chance to waste their hard earned money on alikely disappointment ... Lies and more lies, cheated out of points pay to advance or get gear, no rewards , flat armour one set as good as any, weapons of no real interest .. Worst of all i agree with one point athat does annoy me to no end, D2 is really a recycle or D1 with many brought over weapons , maps, and. The same enemy only made bigger but dumber , Where is the new foe, the nae weapons better rewards, Timers do not make it better or more challenging. They make it annoying and why do i need 46 urials gifts, 70 valakadyns. And so on to infinity.. if i go through this DLC like the game has been up to now i will delete D2 as well . I'm waiting for ANTHEM i pre purchased it .. thats your future bungie if you do not deliver

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