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    @gustavomota13 Zenyatta is at least tier 1 in both pubs and competitive games. He's the go to off support in every team. Lucio offers great aoe heals but he doesn't offer the single target heals the team needs. Zenyatta covers that role and he covers it better than Mercy does imo.

    Defense heroes are just bad period and they're bad in pubs too. The only reason some defense heroes have a high win rate is because the defense team usually wins in bottom to low level games, regardless of what they pick. Unorganized teams just have a hard time breaking a defense, even if the defense team has zero defense heroes.

    Torb, for example, just happens to only be picked on defense teams 99% of the time. His win rate gets skewered from the fact that defense was going to win regardless of who's on the team. That doesn't mean torb is good. It just means that he's only picked on team defense.

    The fact that bastion has a 52% win rate despite mainly only being picked on defense teams shows how effing bad that hero is. Big surprise that a sitting duck hero is easy to counter. You're actually better off with two Mccrees than one Mccree and one Bastion.

    Mei, Junkrat, widowmaker, and hanzo are all awful too. Offense heroes outclass defense heroes, even when you are playing on defense. Pharah offers more reliable damage and zoning control than junkrat, widowmaker was overnerfed, and hanzo is just a worse widowmaker who doesn't fill a role you need, and mei may very well be the worst hero in the game. All defense heroes deserve rank 5 with bastion and mei at the bottom.

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