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  • Werkaster 6 years ago

    @King_of_Hyrule I couldn't agree more. The Drake should be a strong replacement if you're low on dust. The Drake is not that situational either, works great all the time... No one can hate the Drake.

    Posted in Midrange Paladin deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (April 2019)

  • Werkaster 6 years ago

    I understand your thinking, but because Rouge isn't filled with high-cost spells except Sprint and also because Rogue lives on drawing, that combo can be quite powerful. It's not so much that you waste 2 cards to draw 4 I think (although remember you also get free combo opportunities), it's the opportunity to get the right cards. When you're playing Rouge, it's sometimes frustrating because you don't have the right combos available. A few examples for new Rogues couldn't hurt.
    Early game - you have really bad hand after mulligans -> prep+sprint as early as turn 3/4. Granted this is a defensive play and should put you instantly behind, but your hand is so bad that you really need new cards to turn the tide anyway (and not just with one card from FOK). You're looking for a couple of removal cards to take you back in the game before you slam down your Shredder/Drake or something like that. Or it's late game - you have 10 mana and nothing aggressive to play, just drop prep+sprint for 4. You draw Southsea + Poison + Oil and maybe another prep for the Flurry. That's quite an amazing turn.
    Sure, draws could produce much worse cards and give you no combos whatsoever, I guess that's your thinking. But other draw methods are too slow/too expensive. True, it is conditional which is never optimal, but you have 2 of each (or you should have), so you tend to find those two cards quite often. It also depends on your mulligans, people tend to save Sprint against a few match-ups.

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Oil Rogue - June 2015

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