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    There is a huge bottleneck with this deck as printed here are some suggustions:

    Remove firefly, replace with jeweled macaw- you still get a 2 for one pull any better synergy with your other beasts and buffs. The fireflies can't be buffed with other cards in this deck and end up as disappointing clutter. The Macaw seldom gives me anything useless.

    Remove one each of bittertide hydra and Savannah highmane in exchange for one tundra rhino and Deathstalker Rexxar: this way you have more versatility against priests and shamans. However, Do not use Rexxar if you can still use your 2 point shot. Further, having a good 5 drop that gives charge procs kindly grandmother well.

    Bearshark: great against priests, but I found replacing one of these with Vicious Fledgling to help a great deal.

    Tracking: I have awful luck with this card and end up losing 2 decent cards, so I traded for either Dire wolf, the 1 point or the 2 point, up to your personal preference. This creates great synergy with your other cards and is seldom wasted in late game.

    With these small changes I went from fail to winstreak.

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