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    Hey guys, I’ve been playing Moira as my main healer since release and have been very successful with her in mid-tier comp. I just have three tips for her that I think should be mentioned.

    First: Biotic Orb
    It’s easy to chuck a heal ball into a fight, but all too often do I see Moiras throw it through the pack, into the enemy team then watch it bounce around the backfield. I try to throw it horizontally across my team in order to keep it bouncing off the walls we’re fighting near. It’s got a 10 second cooldown but lasts the same amount of time, so long as it isn’t used up. To get the most out of it, throw it to your pack’s left or right to keep it bouncing around your team.

    Second: Biotic Orb
    When you find yourself having to take out a back liner or when you’re in a spot of trouble; chuck the heal ball behind the enemy team then fade along it’s path, behind enemy lines, and start sucking that heal juice out of Mercy. You’ll have the heal ball and regen from your drain for some survivability while your team mops up.

    Third: Fade
    Practice jumping at the last second of fade to get a little more distance. The same goes for Brigitte’s Shield Bash!

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