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  • Redhawk511 A year ago

    I'm wondering why there is a Dirty Rat in this deck. I've played Highlander a fair amount and I've been recently browsing a lot of top legendary and tournament winners to see if I can improve my deck, and this just isn't an a card I'm seeing. It would make more sense if you were carrying a Doomsayer, but even with a Pint Size / Horror or Auchenai / Circle combo, you're not guaranteed to pull something you can kill.

    Posted in Highlander Priest deck list guide- December 2017

  • Redhawk511 2 years ago

    You're 2 cards short of a full deck. Your last deck had 2 Jade Spirits, but I'm not sure if that's what's missing.

    Posted in Jade Druid deck list guide - May 2017

  • Redhawk511 2 years ago

    In the deck list, you list Explosive Shot (a 5 cost card) in the second position when I believe you intended to include the 2 cost Explosive Trap.

    Posted in Secret Hunter deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (July 2019)

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